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Use Chipscope libCseJtag.dll
Hello! I am try to use TCL with libCseJtag.dll from Xilinx chipscope. I try set pins like TCK, TDI, TMS by script. Like it descibe at ug029.pdf: For example clock I can run in the loop: csejtag_target set_pin $handle $CSEJTAG_TCK 0 csejtag_target set_pin $handle $CSEJTAG_TCK 1 Script work, not ... 3 Dec 2008 16:21
timer interrupt problem: microblaze
I am trying to use a timer for regular interrupt in microblaze. I am using edk 9.2i and spartan 3a dsp 1800a. Even following a simple lab example widely used by beginners didn't work: I have connected all the interrupt ports correctly as evident from the fol... 10 Dec 2008 10:57
how to display on LCD of FPGA board?
Hello Good Day. I want to display a bit-stream (for example: 01001101) in the LCD of Xilinx� Virtex�-4 LX MB Development Kit. Can anyone tell me how can I get example VHDL code to display bits on LCD? Best regards and thanks in advance pantho ... 21 Nov 2008 11:01
platform cable usb II problem
Hello everybody, We have a problem with platform cable usb II (model dlc10) that came with the spartan 3a dsp embedded platform microblaze edition. We had used it initially to check if everything is ok with the board as suggested in starter guide and some user guides. Everything worked fine. Then we had a vacati... 15 Nov 2008 05:52
Register access over PLB2DCR bridge
Hi, I am facing an issue of accessing the registers of a peripheral sitting on the DCR bus via PLBV46 to DCR Bridge and uBlaze. The uBlaze is on the PLB bus. The bridge is a slave on PLB and a master on DCR. Please see below for a snippet of the .mhs file. Since my peripheral has the C_DCR_BASEADDR = 0b0000000... 14 Nov 2008 01:12
Altera Quartus II 8.1 (and Modelsim AE 6.3g)
"Leon" <leon355(a)> wrote in message news:72a2ae6c-52c3-416d-a075-9ad1e483de2c(a) On 8 Nov, 07:05, Leon <leon...(a)> wrote: I've just downloaded the latest Altera Web Edition software. I was pleased to see that they have removed the requirement for a l... 10 Nov 2008 10:01
Testing Analog-to-Digital Converter, Spartan-3A, LTC1407-A
Hi: I need to test some VHDL codes, which are commanding the LTC1407-A Analog-to-Digital converter of the Spartan-3A, to take a sample on its voltage input pin. The results of the conversion will be displayed on the LCD. The problem is that my background is not in electrical engineering and I would like to kn... 13 Oct 2008 12:31
writing files to micro-SD with spartan 3e
Hello! I would like to write image files (*.bmp, ...) to micro-SD card. I am using Spartan 3e starter kit with microblaze soft processor and a micro-SD adapter for PMOD extension slot ( Pmod-B.html). The general idea is to write files in FAT16 file system to micro-SD card and then la... 14 Oct 2008 05:57
Reading files from CF (microblaze 7 and plb)
Hi everyone, I would like to read a file from a CF card on xupv2p board using PLB and Microblaze 7.10d. There are a few questions that I am trying to answer. There is an xps_sysace interface controller v1.00a which seats between the PLB and the system ace CF peripheral and has sysace v1_11_a driver with funct... 9 Oct 2008 10:26
Two-complement value from ADC, Spartan-3A, 3E
Hi: I am testing a code for the Analog-to-Digital Converter that has the Spartan-3A FPGA Starter Kit (LTC1407A-1). The converted value from the ADC is displayed on the LCD. Without sending voltage input to the VINA (Channel 0), when I command the ADC to take a sample of the channel, I get the 11111111111111 ... 17 Sep 2008 15:31
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