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hallo ... 25 May 2010 13:33
Need help with WMP Version
I just burned a DVD+R with iTunes that played once with Media Player, but not again. Could someone please tell me if I should have used a -R instead to insure playability? Thanks, Don ... 25 May 2010 14:40
GOTO Sub error
I have a form with a sub form. First I do a search to find the correct record. When I try to enter info in the subform after that I get the error GOTO sub error. Any suggestions. ... 25 May 2010 15:47
adding VBA
Hi all-- I am REALLY new at access and found a great VBA code for cascading combo boxes. The only problem is I do not know where / how to install this code. Any suggestions would be VERY greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance Lawrence Dodge ... 25 May 2010 15:47
Access 2003 Form
Access 2003 form with several controls including following: 1- Payment Type (combo box) that contain three entrees: CASH, Check, Credit Card 2- Check Number (text box) Question: What procedure or code I have to apply and to which event in property of Check Number Control that if user chose the Check in Payment... 2 Jun 2010 18:43
Please help direct me to the right forum
I think it is for almost a year, that I haven't received email notifications of replies to my questions on Microsoft Discussions, despite the fact that I always click on Notify me of replies. Once I saw the blue arrow and the blue text below and to the right of the Close box (as one enters a reply) saying Em... 27 May 2010 17:04
Error 2950
I am having a problem with a form and a query. When I open the form (called Paper), it runs a query that adds a row to a table called Time. If Paper is open and I try to run a query to see my total time on the form, I get a 2950 error. If I close the Paper form, then I have no problem calling the total time que... 27 May 2010 17:04
Galatasaray, Çağlar'ın transferinde sona yaklaştı
Galatasaray i� transferde h�z kesmiyor. Transfer mevsiminin ilk g�nlerinde 4 futbolcu ile anla�an sar� k�rm�z�l�lar, S�per Lig'den d��en Denizlispor'un ba�ar�l� sol beki �a�lar'�n transferinde de sona yakla�t�. Milli Tak�m�n Amerika kamp�nda bulunan �a�lar ile Sar�-K�rm�z�l� kul�b�n kesin anla�ma sa�lad��� ��r... 25 May 2010 11:19
Can I arrange items on my clipboard in a specific order?
Is it possible to change the arrangement of items in my clipboard to a certain order to make it more usable for me? Thanks! ... 25 May 2010 11:19
Table accounting format
Hi, In 2003 Acces tables (and before...) when i define a single field strictly positive with the following format everything was working fine: "CHF. "* #'##0.00 same result as MS Excel accounting format with currency at the left of the table cell and the value on the right! I see only right now that thi... 25 May 2010 11:19
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