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Reports -- Dynamic ControlSource
This probably cannot be done, but I thought I would ask anyhow. I have a subreport in which I wish to assign the controlsource of several controls dynamically at runtime. The first time the controlsource is assigned in report_open() of the subreport, everything works fine. However, if I try to reassign the con... 30 Jul 2010 14:04
Edanmo's Storage Class
Hi Everyone, I am working on a couple of angles to export a report directly to powerpoint, and so far it seems that the approach Stephen Lebans took to handling snapshot files is going to work well. Unfortunately Stephens method of reading the decompressed snapshot is not very elegant, although extremely creativ... 5 Aug 2010 11:18
access2007 runtime - opening another mdb
in access2007, I'm trying to open a second MDB using this code that works in access97 Dim obj As Access.Application On Error GoTo fErr Set obj = New Access.Application With obj .Visible = True .RefreshTitleBar .OpenCurrentDatabase "another.mdb" end with it wor... 6 Aug 2010 13:45
is this valid xml for a custom QAT
I added this to the ribbonXML memo field of uSysRibbons, but my QAT doesn't reflect it also, do I need to do anything else for the QAT to be displayed when running the runtime version ? <mso:customUI xmlns:mso=" customui"> <mso:ribbon startFromScratch="true" > <mso:q... 30 Jul 2010 07:29
where do I find the UsysRibbon table to add a custom ribbon
is it a hidden table ? I don't see anything under 'access options' to view hidden tables, is there such an option ... 30 Jul 2010 18:33
'= null' vs 'is null' in access2007 query
in access97, this works SELECT businessId FROM tblBusiness WHERE baanPostalId = null but not in access2007, it needs to be SELECT businessId FROM tblBusiness WHERE baanPostalId is null is there a compatiblity option that allows the original version to run ? ... 29 Jul 2010 21:47
upgrading access2003 to access2007
today's is my first day with access2007, I've read and applied things from when I open an access97 mdb with access2003, it gives me the option to convert it to 2003 format when I open an access2003 mdb with access2007, it doesn't, but there's a 'save' option to access... 30 Jul 2010 09:39
EMail RTF memo field
Access 2010 having got this super RTF memofild, how do I Email it as the body. The formated text is in a bound form EMailText and a bound field name is also EMailText Code is ..... Get outlook running Set oItem = oOutlookApp.CreateItem(OLMailItem) With oItem 'Set the recipient for the new emai... 2 Aug 2010 04:53
Format Numbers on MS Access Report
Hello, I have problem of formating numbers on the MS Access report. For example, I would like to format: 1) 25,000,000 result ---> 25M 2) 8,200,000 result ---> 8.2M 3) 234,000 result ----> 234K would someone help me out on these? Is it possible to format & reflect these different results on one field... 30 Jul 2010 09:39
Access problem
I am the secretary for our church. We use Access as a database of those who attend our church and also as a way to keep tithe/offering records. The secretary here before had plenty of Access background and is the one who built this database. Other than entering info into it, I know virtually nothing about Access... 30 Jul 2010 22:55
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