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30 60 90 Aged Detail on Report
I currently produce month end statements for each of our account holding customers. Each statement has a brought forward amount, a list of invoices raised in that month, a list of payments made in that month and a due figure (being brought forward PLUS invoiced MINUS payments) What I want to do is have a 30 60 ... 9 Jul 2010 22:43
VBA Editor Erratic Behaviour
I have problem with one of my A2003 databases. I'm getting strange behaviour when I type in a module. For example if I type 'dim x as string' this is what happens: - after the m of dim then the word dim turns red - after I type the x then the space disappears leaving me with dimx Another example, if I try x... 12 Jul 2010 15:08
inserting as variable
How do I get past this problem, where I want to place a variable where it's expecting the exact name: strTable = "Query1" Set rs = CurrentDb.QueryDefs!(strTable).OpenRecordset (I really want to use this in a loop, so this is just a simple example..) thanks ... 9 Jul 2010 19:25
BETWEEN criteria not working correctly
I've got an Access 2007 table with a field called Zip which is a text field. Some zips were entered like "67203" and others like "67203-2752". Is there a way to format a criteria statement in a query to pull all zips between "67203" and "67203" without having to resort to something like between "67203" and "67203... 9 Jul 2010 19:25
workgroup join problems
Here's the story: I had an mdb (2003) with permissions setup (security1.mdw). I needed to make changes and since the original was bloated, I created a new access database. I'm sure it said accdb or something (2007) so I renamed it, imported all my objects into it, made my changes, then placed the new db in the n... 9 Jul 2010 14:58
Simple Conditional Macro
I’m trying to make a conditional macro that will check a table to make sure there isn’t already a record with the same ID and Entry #. If there is a record, it should give you a message box warning of duplicate entry. If there isn’t any returned values then it should run an append query. So conceptually speakin... 8 Jul 2010 15:50
How to send data from local database to MySQL db on website
Can't seem to find a start on this. I have a hosted website with a MySQL database. Locally, on my PC, I have an Access database. I would love to be able to click a button and have data sent to the MySQL database on the website. Assumedly, the database needs to send this like a form data post from a web ... 15 Jul 2010 19:48
After Delete Confirm problem
Hi All I'm running into a problem I've not encountered before and was wondering if anyone else has. In a split Database after running a standard DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdDeleteRecord from a command button in the header of a continuous pop-up form I'm running code in the Form's AfterDelConfirm Event to requery some... 8 Jul 2010 05:52
help with slow form loading problem
I've just taken over a klunky but functional application for a new client. They are running Access 2000. It's a BE-FE system, no security features, BE connects to server on a LAN. They have one main form that has about 6 tabs, and lots of data loaded on each tab, so it's kind of resource heavy to load, but it usual... 8 Jul 2010 18:05
IIF Error Checking Query
I’m creating a query that is going to go through and look for various impossible data entries. What I would like to do is use an IIF statement and saved subqueries in conjunction with an exists in statement to create a new variable to tell me what error occurred. I’ve found some limited info on including subqueries... 7 Jul 2010 11:14
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