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Convenient search feature for Access
I would like to do a search feature similar to what Google has done. When the user types in the initial letters of a keyword, Google will automatically suggest some appropriate keywords. I have been investigating on whether MSAccess can do this for searching records. Say, user types in the first few letters of cust... 8 Jul 2010 06:56
Use TextBox on the main form to limit SubForm
Hi, I have a form with a text box and a subform. Main form is unbound. SubForm is displaying records from a query. I would like to the user to be able to enter text in the text box and subform to display records containing this text with a field. For Example: SubForm Fields: ID, [Full Name], City, PostC... 7 Jul 2010 10:07
Access 2003/Access 2007
I have a mde database file developed for a client. This was originally set up and run in Access 2003. Everything worked fine. Recently this client purchased several new computers. These computers came with Access 2007. Now whenever an Access 2007 user opens the database, it locks the database for all other user... 13 Jul 2010 14:12
Recommended UK companies for migrating from Access to SQL
Hi all I have, over the past few years, been developing a datase for a client in MS Access. The time is now approaching, however, when we will be looking to migrate it to SQL Server, with an MS Access front end. As this is not an area in which I have much experience, I am looking to work with a third-party com... 27 Jul 2010 13:55
Recommended UK companies for migrating from Access to SQL
Hi all I have a client for whom I've created an Access database over a period of some years. It's now getting to the point where we're going to have to migrate this database to SQL Server. This is not something that I have a lot of experience in, and would therefore like to work with a third-party company on ... 6 Jul 2010 07:51
How do i surpress "Read-Only........Save As" message
Hi All, i have an application running on a customer site, where the backend is stored on a 'hidden' network share. The users connect via their own FE's which (which is not stored on the local PC but presented by a login profile (each user does have their own discrete copy of the the FE). The attributes of the FE... 6 Jul 2010 16:40
Form bleed through on tab control - Access 2003
Hi All, I have MS Access 2003 (11.8308.8324) SP3 with hot fix 945674 & 970623 applied. There appears to be a Tab Ctl bug as explained below: has anyone else experienced this and is there a solution. I had a sub form on a form. Then added a tab ctl on the form and put the sub form form on the first tab. when I ... 5 Jul 2010 13:17
populating a combobox with values from two tables
I created a form, added a combobox to it and want the combobox to be populated by values from two different tables. For the rowsource property of the combobox I am using below query (SELECT DISTINCT [Table1].Column1 FROM [Table1]) UNION (SELECT DISTINCT [Table2].Column1 FROM [Table2]) ORDER BY [Table1].Colum... 6 Jul 2010 18:54
Combo Box Sorting Issue
I have an unbound combo box linked to a query that sorts on LastName and FirstName. It works when the form is loaded but when I reset the rowsource of the combo box in code the combo box displays the correct list of names, but they are not sorted alphabetically Here is the code Me.cmbLookupName.RowSource =SELEC... 5 Jul 2010 17:45
Shifting data from columns and removing question mark charactersfrom columns
I moved data from a MS-Word Table into a MS-Access table using VBA code. Almost all of the word documents had five rows for first table in the document, but few Word documents had six rows for their first table which I did not know earlier. I created the Access table with five columns to hold data from each co... 3 Jul 2010 17:53
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