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couple of questions on mail merge
I have used Mr Kallal word merge in the past and found it to be a great thing. I am doing a new one and have a couple of questions. I have 5 single page documents that have to be sent based on certain things in the database. So if its month 1 they get document 1 month 2 and X they get document 2 and so o... 2 Aug 2010 11:25
Insert/create new records using a loop
I have a couple of tables called tbl_EMPLYE (has EMPLYE_ID as autonumber PK) and tbl_TIMESHEET (has TIMESHEET_ID as autonumber PK, and EMPLYE_ID as FK) based on a one to many relationship. These use a form and subform where the form is based on tbl_EMPLYE and has a combo box based on employee. The subform is bas... 27 Jul 2010 07:18
sum two subqueries
Hi, I'm trying to sum two sub-queries with this code: SELECT Count(*) AS Attivi FROM adi WHERE (((adi.pratica_2010) Is Not Null) And ((adi.stato_pratica) Is Null) And ((adi.data_attivazione)<=Forms!interrogazioni_ADI!fine)) + select count(*) from adi where ((stato_pratica is not null) and (data_variazione <=[... 24 Jul 2010 02:40
Access 2010 and Sharepoint 2010 (any public sites out there)
I haven't used Access 2010 yet, but have used various previous versions of sharepoint (2007 and 2003) at my last full-time regular 9 to 5 job. Anyone know of an easy way to try out some of the web features of Access 2010? Basically looking for a free or inexpensive access to Sharepoint 2010. My first insti... 26 Jul 2010 17:08
A2010 question. Web app and Automation.
I don't have A2010 yet. In Access we might have an app that presents a record and we want to generate at document from it. With mailmerge we can do so, Could a web app do something like present a record, hit a "doc" button, and print the "mail merged" doc? I'd assume a Word template would be stored on the... 21 Jul 2010 12:26
Can't open backend that is in use
I have a split 2003 app. When the BE is in use by one or more of the users' FE, I can't manually open the BE.mdb. When I doubleclick, nothing happens. But I can open the FE though and it works fine. In a similar Citrix environment I can open the BE manually while it is in use by others. Any idea why it's not wor... 21 Jul 2010 12:26
A2010 web app question. Pictures
I don't have A2010 yet. In a desktop application you can store pictures in a table. Or one could create a hyperlink to the image. Since Web apps contain a lot of images and pics, how does one handle pictures? How does a user of tha app upload a pic (is there a fileopen dialog)? Would one have a web site ... 23 Jul 2010 15:48
A2010 question regarding web app
I don't have A2010, just asking a question. Let's say you hae a table; CustID, Customer, City, State, Zip and an input for do display or enter data. Works good so you publish to the web. People work and enter data and then you notice there's no address field(s). I guess you modify the table structure from t... 20 Jul 2010 13:32
"Like" comparison question
I rarely use the Like operator and below is the only way I could get a function to return true if str is all numbers or all numbers followed by a single letter Is there an easier way? TIA Jon Private Function IsPrefix(str As String) As Boolean 'Is str all numbers or all numbers followed by a single lett... 22 Jul 2010 04:51
I would like to format a field to contain seven characters. For instance 37593 would be 0037593. Is there an easy way to do this through the format field property in the design view of the table? ... 21 Jul 2010 00:30
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