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Outlook 2010 crashes upon opening Email
Outlook 2010 crashes upon opening the second Email (and all subsequent). Only noted on my Thinkpad t61, not on my desktop with similar configuration. Uninstalled Office 2007 before installing Office 2010 in all cases. Reinstallation does not help. ... 18 May 2010 17:02
New emails with attachments not being delivered
When I send a NEW email with an attachment to my husband, it is NOT getting delivered, however, when I FORWARD an email with an attachment, it IS being delivered. I've tried sending different types of attachments (Word, JPG, Acrobat) and it doesn't seem to matter. None of them (as new messages) are delivered.... 19 May 2010 11:35
gmail with outlook
Hi, I use OL2007in my home office. When I'm out of the office, I check my email with browser-based email access from my ISP, Cablevision, but can see only messages that have come in since I was last in the office. (I've set the account up as POP so the messages are downloaded to my home computer when I use O... 27 May 2010 19:18
forms Active X controls
Hi there I create a form in Outlook and saved it. I can not pull it up again. I get an error: "One or more ActiveX Controls could not be displayed bcause either: 1) Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on the page, or 2) You have blocked a publisher of on of the controls I... 20 May 2010 11:41
Outlook 2007 Signatures greyed out
Hello I have about 7 signatures set up in Outllook 2007. They worked fine until yesterday. Now the signature button is gone and they are greyed out in the setup. I made 2 changes to my PC: * installed a PDF writer * updated ITunes Could either of these have had an effect? What can I do to get them back? ... 19 May 2010 12:42
email attachments
I send email attachments using Windows Fax and Scan. After I scan a document I click on "Forward as Email". When the email box comes up I like to click on the attachment and open it just to make sure the attachment is clear and it is the correct attachment. (I'm very distrustful). Recently, when I tried to open... 24 May 2010 16:50
Why can't i view all the text and pictures on web pages? It's there when i move the mouse around, but for some reason the text in hidden. My web pages are also bright white and there is no color. Some how i think my settings are out whack. ... 18 May 2010 15:55
Can I clear the email addresses that pop up automatically when I .
I had to send a huge bulkmail, and now all these email addresses appear when I start writing an email in the 'to' line. I like the feature that suggests email addresses, so I don't have to type the complete address, however, now I have so many email addresses to choose from, it's rather complicating things. I w... 18 May 2010 15:55
Mac people can't open my jpeg attachments
I have Vista Home Premium and Outlook 2003. When I try to send a jpeg as an attachment, most people can open it, but not those with Macs. It says "Windata" or something like that. This is new behavior, has not been a problem before. Is there a setting I need to change? Thank you. ... 18 May 2010 21:27
"Unknown" in the Tasks header when I print?
When I print my Tasks, the word "Unknown" appears in the header along with my name. It also appears below in the Owner field. How do I get rid of it? ... 18 May 2010 13:41
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