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Hyperlinks in Master view don't work for all slides 2007
I added a shape in my slide master Title and Content master slide and then I added a hyperlink to the shape to go to previous I had two slides in my presentation using this slide layout of Title and content, slides 2 and 7 however, only the hyperlink on slide 7 worked, the one on slide 2 did nothing, I didn't... 10 May 2010 15:27
How can i change the default layout for inserting slides?
When I add a slide by pressing Control+M, I want the new slide to be a blank side. The default layout is Title and Content. ... 6 May 2010 20:58
PowerPoint 2007 Hang problem
I'm tearing my hair out. I'm trying to insert a video file into PowerPoint 2007. It works on a colleagues laptop which is the same spec as mine but all I get is an hourglass. The .wmv plays find in windows media player. It hangs mplay32.exe. Where do I start? ... 6 May 2010 14:17
Expanding Text Box
One one slide: I need to click on title 1 and have a text box appear...then disappear when I click on title 2...and so on. Without using a macro, how can I achieve this? Thank you. ... 6 May 2010 16:32
Editing PPT 2003 Charts in PPT 2007
We just switched over to PowerPoint 2007 from 2003 and are trying to updated trending charts. When double clicked on the standard options appear (convert, convert all, edit existing). When we try to use any of these options, PowerPoint says either "One or more charts in this Document cannot be converted to th... 6 May 2010 22:04
Quick Syles in Powerpoint 2007
Hi , I'm doing an excerise for class regarding Header and Date placeholders. One of the intructions says to apply a quick style and boldface the text. It also says to adjust the color if necessary to show up against the Quick Style formatting. How do you adjust the color? Thank you for your expertisse. ... 6 May 2010 10:48
Graphs in Powerpoint
In an attempt to display several scenarios by adding/changing bars of a graph and making those bars different colors. How can I set up a stack graph in powerpoint to accomplish this? ... 6 May 2010 10:48
Add to this macro
Another user provided this code for creating a text box with font size 8/Arial. However, it is putting in color and a border. Since the recorder was removed, I can not figure out how to add in no color and outline of text box in addition, I want the text color black. I monkeyed with this a bit to get the siz... 6 May 2010 08:34
VBA code in PPT2007
Can anyone help with the following: I want a vba code which will take me to the second previously viewed slide minus 1. Example: Slide #3 is viewed. An action button then takes the viewer to slide#7. Another action button takes the viewer to slide #10. On slide #10 I would like there to be an action button... 6 May 2010 04:12
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