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Printing Layouts
Is there an easy way to print all the layouts in a specific Theme automatically? We have close to 20 Themes and I would like to print out all of the layouts so we can establish consistency across the different Themes. I am guessing there isn't a set function or process to do this, and I don't relish doing i... 30 Apr 2010 11:44
PowerPoint 07 - Chart Area over slide
This might be a really goofy question, and I just want to see if this is the "right" practice or not. I'm noticing a lot of PowerPoint 07 presentations that have graph charts (bar graphs) with the chart area going OUTSIDE of the slide. However, the actual data (bar graphs) is still within the slide. Is... 27 Apr 2010 17:57
Can You Embed An Equation in a PP Table 2007
I've got a table of financial data in PowerPoint (instead of an Excel worksheet - I know!). Is it possible to put in a simple equation to add the column similar to Word 2007 tables? Thanks! (B^>)-]=[ ... 27 Apr 2010 13:21
Drawing tables
Hi, I am trying to draw a table from scratch by using the pen feature to create my table. I am having a hard time drawing the cells within my table. Every time I try to draw a cell, it keeps on drawing another boarder. Is there a trick I am missing on this procedure? Your expertise is greatly appreciated. ... 27 Apr 2010 12:13
Office Online themes link broken
PowerPoint 2007 under Windows 7 64 bit. When I select Themes and use the down arrow I am presented with a link to click for More Themes on Microsoft Office Online but when I click the link I am taken to a blank page. Where can I find more themes to download? Why does MS offer a link in their program to an em... 27 Apr 2010 11:03
Video control
Hi. I have a .mp4 video in a Windows 7 / Powerpoint 2003 presentation and it shows OK. I need to control the motion of the video: play, stop, rewind, etc. Is there a way? Thanks Martins ... 27 Apr 2010 12:13
how do I embed a youtube video in my powerpoint?
powerpoint is for a class. Youtube video is sample clip. How do I save the youtube to a GIF or a MPEG? ... 27 Apr 2010 04:20
inserting xcel worksheet
I have an xcel worksheet I would like to import into a power point presentation. There are a couple different colors used in the text of the worksheet. Is it possible to import the xcel worksheet WITH the colors? Thanks ... 27 Apr 2010 04:20
Custom Animations to Transition Between Slides
Ultimately what I want to do is this: when I click to transition to the next slide (during a presentation), I want some custom animations to play out first and *then* transition after they're done. The effect would be to make the slideshow appear less like a series of discreet slides and more like a smooth vide... 27 Apr 2010 02:09
music and voice sounds in Powerpoint 2007
I want to set up some background music in a slide show in PP 2007. I would like to specify a list of MP3 files to play as soon as the show starts, and then repeat for the complete slide show. And, when certain slides have a voice narrations assigned to those slides, I would like the music to pause until the na... 27 Apr 2010 02:09
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