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How increase interval after last antimation and slide transition?
How to increase the time interval after last antimated action and before the slide transition? ... 30 Apr 2010 17:27
Values in stacked column chart (2D)
Hello. 1. I did Chart / Insert / Chart 2. I created a stacked column chart (2D). 3. My datasheet: Cell A1 = 28. Cell A2 = 15. Cell A3 = 5. B1 = 35. B2 = 20. B3 = 8. 4. I right-clicked each section of the stacked column (in empty space, not on the number itself), clicked Format Data Series, clic... 30 Apr 2010 16:19
Screen flashes when advancing to frame with .swf file
How can I eliminate the black flash that I am getting whenever I advance to a frame with a .swf file on it? ... 30 Apr 2010 15:10
a flash embeded movie will not let me go to the next slide in
"...then try pressing enter key instead for advance" YaaaaY!!! That worked. Now all I have to do is get the rest of the operators on the show to remeber to hit enter instead of any other advance key they are used to. Thank you SO much. "tohlz" wrote: Yes, that's what stopping it advance... You will have... 30 Apr 2010 15:10
Data Label Reverts Back to Default Font Size / Color
I am having an issue where the data labels keep reverting back to the default font size & color. I'll change them to a smaller size/ different color and when I save and reopen, it will go back to the default size, font and color. I've tried it on my Imac - working in Powerpoint 2008 running Version 10.6.3 - Snow L... 30 Apr 2010 14:00
Opening PPT 2007 slides from .htm link
I created several training presentations in PPT 2003. Each presentation is linked to a common index file created in PPT 2003 and saved as an HTML document. When I open the files in PPT 2007, the link opens the presentation in PPT, instead of as a full-screen slide show as it did in PPT 2003. How can I op... 12 May 2010 14:45
2007 Linking Question: How do I edit links quickly and easily?
I'm formatting a bunch of charts and tables in excel for a client in Excel 2007. I'm then pasting them into a PPT 2007 file, and then sending both to my client. Here's the problem: I need to link the files in such a way that the client can seamlessly (without repasting) use both files. And before you ... 1 May 2010 14:19
saving slides as png/jpeg @ 1280x800
I have created a presentation with screen size 1280x800. When I save individual files as png or jpeg, they are saved as 960x600, which is a different size. Is there a way to export individual slides at 1280x800? ... 30 Apr 2010 15:10
Problem with § character
We have as issue with the German section character § in our PowerPoint templates (we are using Office 2003) When it is inserted, the font for that character changes to another font (usually "MS PGothic"). I have tried it with different PowerPoint templates, plus blank PowerPoint templates and the issue still ... 11 May 2010 16:48
Motion paths with custom animations included
Hi, I have a figure which I intend to have move up the slide over 4 separate motion paths (as the figure is taller than the slide). Between each motion path I would like to have a series of custom animations appear to highlight various parts of the figure (arrows etc.). However, how do I know where to dra... 4 May 2010 20:13
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