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User defined events
Hi How can I setup a mechanism to raise user defined events which I can catch at some point? Thanks Regards ... 27 Feb 2010 19:54
Feasibility of using visual basic express
Hi Is it possible to develop sql server db winform apps using visual basic express? Thanks Regards ... 2 Mar 2010 04:37
What is the best way to approach this?
"Anthony Papillion" <papillion(a)> wrote in message news:uaJuF90mKHA.4436(a)TK2MSFTNGP02.phx.gbl... "Andrew Morton" <akm(a)> wrote in message news:7rtablFubvU1(a) The alternative is to remove the final ":" when you've built the list, pseudo-code: ... 27 Feb 2010 00:12
Confusion in VS 2003 over declaring a new class....
We have an app that requires .net 1.1 to work, so are using VS 2003 for convenience. I'm most of the way through cleaning up the code that was originally created in VS 2008, so that it will not error on build. One particular statement has me a bit confused, as I cannot find any obvious examples to explain it.... 26 Feb 2010 13:06
Not having to wait for routine to finsh / run three events at the same time
I developed a simple app, it goes out to an access db and populates a list box and pings as server. Pretty much how can I do both events at the same time without haveing to wait for one to complete before moving on to the next one. It acts like an application monitor where I ping the servers every 15mins and see if... 26 Feb 2010 05:16
WCF Exception: Type 'MyType' with Data Contract Name 'Some Name'is not Expected
Charles wrote: I am trying to modify a MSDN WCF sample, and am getting this error in my client app. "There was an error while trying to serialize parameter http://Microsoft.ServiceModel.Samples:obj. The InnerException message was 'Type 'Client.Form1' with data contract name 'Form1:http://schem... 2 Mar 2010 00:16
Binding source data source
Hi I have a winform with form controls bound to a binding source. How can I; 1. Use a dynamically created sql to retrieve data from the backend table and use it as data source for binding source? 2. Save the data back to the backend table when data is changed in the form controls and user presses Save on ... 26 Feb 2010 05:16
Delete control?
I'm using VB in VS2003.NET. I have a TabControl with a couple of group boxes. I've added some buttons and labels to a group box, but now I want to delete the controls. Cannot! Why? I've tried pressing "Delete", right-clicking but Cut and Delete are disabled. I can't even delete the whole group box. What am I... 25 Feb 2010 10:17
How to integrate excel worksheet in browser ?
Dear All, Please help !!! How to display excel worksheet in browser ? Showing Excel Worksheet Format on the browser. Thank you !!! ... 25 Feb 2010 18:16
(New Object).Method
Is there a simpler acceptable syntax for (New Class).Method than With New Class .Method End With In VB.NET you can use Call Call (New Class).Method but this syntax is not acceptable in VB6 (with or without the () at the end). FYI I am looking for VB6 and VB.NET answers, if they are different. (U... 25 Feb 2010 19:25
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