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create a guid
Hello. How can I in VB. NET 2005, I can auto-generate a GUID number ? Thanks :) ... 25 Jan 2010 09:26
Help With Custom Paging in DataGridView - VB.Net 2008
How do I add custom paging to the following code? Public Class Form2 Private PageCount As Integer Private maxRec As Integer Private pageSize As Integer Private currentPage As Integer Private recNo As Integer Private ds As New DataSet Private dt As New DataTable Private da ... 18 Jan 2010 19:56
Hi I would like to know what is necessary to connect to MySql Server database from VB.NET Thank you in advance, Samuel ... 19 Jan 2010 05:46
Custom shortcut via setup
Hi Is it possible to tell have the setup cerate the app shortcut with a parameter value passed to the application? Thanks Regards ... 23 Jan 2010 01:14
debug smartdeviceproject
here are the steps to view my problem:(using VS2008) 1) create vbasic(not c#) smartdevice project 2choose target platform pocket pc 2003 3)choose device application 4)without writeing any code ,hit F11(step into),pointer locates itself on statement which begins with declaration of form class then one more hit... 15 Jan 2010 05:00
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Unknown error (0x80005000)
I have been trying to find an answer to my problem, and the closest so far I could find was this post: However, while we're getting the same error, mine stems from something a little different... I think. I have... 15 Jan 2010 13:51
Help with code
Hello, I just started an internship, and for my internship i'm making word templates, with some basic VB code. It should work in the following way: employees when opening the file get an wizzard with fields to fill in and the rest is drawn from a database. Everything works fine, except for when i want the output... 13 Jan 2010 13:14
I need help
On 1/12/2010 6:20 AM, suresh songire wrote: Hi Sir I have the problem with my event function "SelecteIndexChanged" when i selected combobox item in this item database fetch then fill the no.of textbox in match submited values. i m code also write but ,one value match to every combo selected item Pr... 12 Jan 2010 19:42
Help on Dinstinct - Linq
Hi, I wrote this code: Private Function Carica() As IEnumerable(Of GCA) Return From lista In DatiBase _ Where lista.Field(Of String)(Colonna3) <> "" _ Order By lista.Field(Of String) (Colonna2),lista.Field(Of String)(Colonna3) _ Select New GCA... 17 Jan 2010 11:41
sample client server app
cannot find equivalent control for winsock in vb2005. can someone please explain why and additionally provide a small sample to get me going. thanks jerryys ... 16 Jan 2010 03:03
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