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Retrieving ProductID via MSI.dll
Hi, I'm trying to retrieve the ProductID for my application via MSI.dll, using the following code (after assistance from the dotnet.general NG): Declare Auto Function MsiGetProductInfo Lib "msi.dll" (ByVal product As String, ByVal [property] As String, ByVal valueBuf As String, ByRef len As Long) As Lon... 10 Jan 2010 11:54
Cryptography and Decompiling
Hi, I need to create a license code to be used for my application.... I am new to Cryptograpgy. I have seen some examples whereby you would store a Byte pattern in your code. For example encr.key= New Byte() {55,65,.....} Could someone decompile my app and obtain this key in order to "break" my licens... 15 Jan 2010 01:46
Calling FindResource to detect the TYPELIB resource in a COMserve
Am 07.01.2010 19:42, schrieb _Aditya_: Has anyone tried to call FindResource to determine the "TYPELIB" resource that is embedded in a COM server? I am using VB (.NET 2008) to try to accomplish this task. I have written a wrapper library around the Win32 API's resource-related functions (complete sourc... 8 Jan 2010 21:48
Reportviewer with Two Tables
Is there a way to hand reportviewer mulitple tables that are linked? In crystal, there can be mulitple table in a dataset with relational links. You had crystal the dataset and it treats them as a unit and will display information from both tables on the same report. I'm just switching over to reportviewer an... 12 Jan 2010 18:35
WPF Textbox won't wrap
As in the subject. I create a simple textbox and set the TextWrapping="Wrap". No wouldn't one expect wrapping for the text? Goggling does not bring much help and as an aside the searching for WPF and textbox is getting much more difficult because websites now want to have as many keywords as possible so ever... 7 Jan 2010 13:34
installing sql server 2008 express
> Which error message? Im trying to install sql server 2008 express on 2 pc: 1)laptop 2) virtual machine on vmware on laptop i get a message error: on screen "select functionality", i select all , then i click on next button, i get the message: Gli attributi non corrispondono. Attributi correnti(Direct... 8 Jan 2010 09:24
Question on MDIchild forms
I have two MDI Child forms that are created in a MDI Parent. Here is the issue when switching between the two child forms by clicking anywhere on the child forms (Not just their titlebars) the input focus shifts but the forms do not get the focus (bringtofront). Also under MDI 'Window Menu' the forms do not have ... 12 Jan 2010 12:58
LINQ: Dynamic Order By clause
Hi, I'd like to order a query either by an Integer value or a String value. I could write select case condition case 1 dim q = from bla in blub order by bla.IntegerProperty case 2 dim q = from bla in blub order by bla.StringProperty end select This is of no use because... 10 Jan 2010 05:19
database application
Hello, I ve created a windows form application with access db I use 16 tables. For each table are created datatable, dataadapter, binding navigator and so on.... I have seen that application becomes really heavy and slow during the creation of code( editing ) Which is the best way to make all fast and not heavy... 4 Jan 2010 08:09
Opening up in RichTextBox2 ?
I'm trying to get the resulting text to open up in RichTextBox2, the first bit works fine but the second bit 'I.O.StreamWriter' I can't seem to find the correct code. I can get the "Text Written to File" window pop up, but not with the code in the second set below. I have manually created at "sorted.txt" file whic... 26 Jan 2010 09:51
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