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Backgroundworker problem
Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up a backgroundworker so that I can dispaly a progress bar in marquee mode while a long process (external API call) is running. Public Sub bgw_DoWork(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As DoWorkEventArgs) ImportDef.ProcessImport(MtTaskType.mtScript) End Sub My problem is gett... 22 Dec 2009 05:59
create a bitmap from an intptr to scanned data
Hi All I have successfully retreived a pointer to scanned image data but all efforts to turn this data into a bitmap have failed. Can anybody help? Thanks Mickey ... 20 Dec 2009 21:17
index of an element in a control array
Hi all, I have an array of controls (made at runtime) and containing 10 buttons (Button(0),Button(1)....etc.). Ho I can get the index of a selected control? For example if I click the button number 5 how I can retrieve its index (that it is the fifth button)? (In VB6 there was the "INDEX" .....) Thank... 22 Dec 2009 07:04
The listview icon (16*16) color is no 32bit using ExtractIconwith imagelist
Am 18.12.2009 13:33, schrieb yxq: Application.EnableVisualStyles() Imagelist.ColorDepth = ColorDepth.Depth32Bit But the icon seem no 32bit, the color is not full, it's ugly, why? Kindly post the code you use to extract the icon and to add it to the image list. -- M S Herfried K. Wagner M V P <U... 20 Dec 2009 21:17
Help with Serialization and Deflation
I'm trying to write an object to a file using serialization. To conserve disk space, I'm also trying to compress the data. I've written what seems like proper code, but I get an error when I try to read from the file. Specifically, I get the message "There is an error in XML document (0, 0)." when I call the Deseri... 6 Jan 2010 09:48
Record a Macro in VB.NET 2008 Express?
Is there a way to record a Macro in VB.NET 2008 Express? I read about this in one of my books about Visual Studio. I didn't see any evidence of this kind of feature in VB.NET 2008 Express though. Thanks! Ryan-- -- Ryan--- If this information was helpful, please indicate this by clicking ''Yes''. ... 17 Dec 2009 18:12
Returning function name value vs dim value
Just wondering, aside from readibility, is there any cost or benefit to using the function declaration value as opposed to a dim value to return the value of a function. It seems to be the 2nd perhaps preferred method creates yet another object that has to be managed? function x as object x = something end func... 17 Dec 2009 03:52 on print Auditing for all Printers on print server using or VBS?????
I wondering if someone can help me with something. I need to be able to turn on Printer Access auditing for all printers on a print server at one time. I could go through the Security tab setting and turn this on for each printer, but I'm dealing with about 100 printers. Is there anyway I could do this with VBS ... 16 Dec 2009 09:03
Adding SQL 2008 Expr SP1 as a pre-requisite
Please could someone advise on the best way of adding the necessary bootstrap files for SQL Server 2008 Express SP1 (I am running VS 2008 SP1). I have added SQL Server 2008 Express (pre SP1); I think this was following the instructions at the following: 14 Dec 2009 15:29
Service Interface
Hi, I have written a service, but now I'd like to write an interface to that service... what are some keywords to look for or where can i find some documentation on this? ... 15 Dec 2009 02:28
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