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Get GridView row index
I have the code below that runs when a textbox in an ItemTemplate changes. My problem is that it always updates the 1st row. How can I change the value in DataKeys to reflect the index of the row I am on? p.s. I am using AutoPostback and UpdatePanel. Thanks. Protected Sub txtWeek1Units_TextChanged(ByVa... 28 Feb 2010 12:14
ASP.NET App How to convert AVI to WMV
I need to convert AVI files to WMV format in a ASP.NET app. The App, being hosted on external IIS provider, can't shell any EXE program, so I'm looking for a DLL library. I didn't find any solution on the web. Any suggestions? -- bruno ... 2 Mar 2010 05:42
Covert javascripts to use in code behind form
How to convert a javascripts below to use in code behind form? <script type="text/javascript"> document.getElementById('Ok').disabled = true; setTimeout(function(){ document.getElementById('Ok').disabled = false; }, 15000); </script> Convert to: Dim strJScript As New StringBuilder strJScript.Append("do... 25 Feb 2010 14:51
On Fri, 27 Nov 2009 15:39:14 +0000, Nick Gilbert <nickg(a)newsgroup.nospam> wrote: Can you people answer my third question.. <appsettings> <add key="" value=""/> </appsettings> How many of the above "add" elements i can store in the web.config? No limit, but if you're thinking of puttin... 24 Feb 2010 18:53
FileUpload control - page refresh on submit
After choosing a file, when the user finally submits it, the page refreshs after upload. I have a control that lets users upload an image. It works fine, but the page refreshs after the upload completes. I'd like the page not to refresh so I can then just put the image into a <div> in an aesthetic way. Is t... 24 Feb 2010 16:35
IIS 7 , 2008 R2 and SQL 2008
Hi all, sorry for my bad English . I have questation about impersonatilion . I have which remotely connect to SQL 2008 . I want use the credentional from client which open page , which connect to sql server:-) . But after I try it , the login to the sql serveris anonymous , why ???? thanx marek... 24 Feb 2010 03:10
Problem: Too many response code 404, how to detect them?
hi 3.5 Webalizer reports response code 404 about 939 times, that is about 40% of the requests. But I have problem finding these 404 errors myself. So far I haven't come accross them myself... So I was looking for a way to detect them. You know about a link which I could use to validate my site for 4... 24 Feb 2010 04:16
Extra protection for ASPX pages
When hackers infiltrate a web server they will ussually try to add XSS script code to the admin ASPX pages to try to take over the administrator's machine. I was thinking: why doesn't Microsoft add a hash of the ASPX code to the assembly of the web application to prevent tampering with the ASPX page? Legato ... 24 Feb 2010 15:26
Impersonation with SQL Server SSPI
I'm running an application with the following configuration and I get a "Login Failed for user 'NT Authority\Anonymous Logon'" error when I try to open a connection to SQL Server. Also, the error only appears when I use the domain account I use during development. A separate domain account (with connect-only p... 24 Feb 2010 15:26
Catch user's ID in IIS7
Company created a new web server using windows 2008 and IIS7. In IIS6, I unchecked "Anonymous access" will catch user's login ID. In IIS7, I made "Anonymous access" disable but got an error below. 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials. What steps should I take to catch user's logi... 23 Feb 2010 02:29
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