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operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect error
the operation was canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer in ms excel -- syed_tabu53 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ syed_tabu53's Profile: View this thread: 1 Jun 2010 11:59
Newsgroup Headers do not appear
Hi guys, strange problem, when I sent a post to a newsgroup my headers never appear, I have to go down the list and see if I can recognize a reply to my question. Any ideas on how to solve this problem Thank and Regards Bob ... 31 May 2010 17:30
status disk? status.msi
I actually registered on your forum just to say you guys rock! I was messing with this status.msi thing for more than a day, and you rescued me! Thanks! -- rmyers412 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ rmyers412's Profile: View thi... 31 May 2010 03:19
is it safe
is it safe to delete $NtUninstallKB....$ folders? ... 14 Jun 2010 09:33
Computer freezing and locking up
I have been having the same problem with Windows XP MCE. I have not yet corrected it, but believe it is due to either a software program (likely running at startup) or the nvidia video card driver (which is more unlikely as it has not caused this problem early on). -- Barry Guidry "shopstomuch" wrote: ... 5 Jun 2010 12:32
registry cannot load
I'm trying to find a way to restore windows xp. Registry doesn't load. Best I can get is the Blue screen with Windows logo but no starting message. It began at shut down I think. Just before that I shut down spybot and saw a message about unloading the hives. It seemed stuck and I shut off the power. Next day ... 11 Jun 2010 14:49
Why logon screen?
XP Pro ... I updated IE, and have Norton. For some reason the windows logon with password pops up now. I never had the computer password protected. It would usually take me to the user screen, not anymore. I drove myself nuts, until I found out you don't have to have a password to get in, just the user name... 1 Jun 2010 00:03
Sharing Private Files with Account on Win7 Dual Boot?
Hi Folks: I added Win7/64 to my PC. The system has a drive with a Win XP partition, a new drive that has this win7/64 partition, and a drive I've been using for my personal files. I can see the drive with my personal files, and see all of the folders. But I can't access the contents of the fo... 2 Jun 2010 04:25
Cannot upload pictures from PICASA to WLM
When I want to use my default mail reader and sender (WLM) I cannot attach pictures from PICASA 3 since they only use Google e-mail and do not show WLM, nor is there a scroll to get to WLM. Is there a solution?... 30 May 2010 23:01
XP Media Center
Hello, I have Media Center 2002 and I recently installed SP3 and now the Media Center does not work. The error says: ehshell.exe - Strong name validation failed for assembly... Is there a fix to this problem? Thank you. ... 30 May 2010 13:16
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