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>> THat's what I've known for years. STill, if these
>> connectors are as foolproof as advertised (can't do pdf here
>> and have never physically encountered them)
>There's a short mention of them here.
NO modern browser, text only. But, I've heard of them, but
it's always been folks in EUrope whom I've seen discussing
That's why I ask how many folks over on this continent are
seeing them. SOunds like a good system, but I doubt I'll be
taking my remote truck to CHina or europe anytime <g>.

Richard webb,
replace anything before at with elspider

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
--- Benjamin Franklin, NOvember 1755 from the
Historical review of Pennsylvania

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> liquidator wrote:
> > Graham is an amateur, and loses sight of that.
> What an absurd statement. I have been involved in pro audio, lighting,
film and
> video my entire working life.

Not at all. 100% of your income has NEVER come from live audio.

Deisgning in the back room simply does not count.

You are along the lines of someone who has won local photo
contests....serious amateur perhaps, but amateur regardless.

Until you spend years with your entire survival coming from live sound, you
will be classed as that.

George has spent those years. I have. I am sure many others her have. But
you never have.

When 100% of your survival depends on the results of your decisions, you
are a pro.

Eevn now you're semi retired, but 100% of your survival does not come from
live audio.

> > Graham loses sight of all this and tries to advocate "one size fits
> It's called the world market and the USA is losing it.
> Graham

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> George's Pro Sound Company wrote:
> > Humm I have not seen a 240 version of the studiomasters in the USA well
> > could it be that eyesore speaks with a forked tounge?
> > he insists that everything must be 240 yet the consoles he designed for
> > USA market are all 120
> > what's up with that?
> As usual, George has lost the plot.
> Graham

Don't think so. You argued Cadac was right in offering 220 only. If they
were right Studiomaster had to be wrong.

Simple, I will buy the tproduct that suits my needs...stringing 240 when I
don't need to doesn't suit my needs...end of story.

it would have caost a few bucks a unit to make dual voltage. And may have
made the difference.

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> The official voltage is 120 btw.

Choose to believe your government and you are a fool.

In the old days it was 110, 115, 117, or 120.

Most quoted 110-120.

Double for the heavier duty stuff.

Old habits die hard...start out saying "one-ten" and fifty years later you
still will have to correct yourself.

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> Irrelevant. Besides I never had any trouble with Lucas electricals.

I suppose there has to be one person who can say that.

Lucas is a joke even among Brits over here.