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> This is a live audio group Graham.

And I design equipment for live audio.


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> > > Wonder if export stuff was different from what you got.
> > >
> > > Connections were a big problem here.
> >
> > Different climate perhaps ?
> >
> > All my cars since 1986 have tended to have mainly Bosch electricals
> > though.
> Now the Bosch stuff is an improvement...they make an odd choice
> occasionally though.

Well it was fitted in German and Swedish designed cars.

> Climate might be it...dunno.
> But Lucas electrics are referred to here pretty much the way Neville was
> over there at the beginning of WWII.

I've heard of this but cannot provide any explanation. The automotive parts
division is TRW Automotive now.


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>> ny house built in the US in
>> the last 50-60 years has a dryer outlet....


>> haven't
>> had to put a dryer outlet in a house I bought since the
>> 1970's.

Sounds about right.

>> This includes investment propereties...I may
>> have replaced a couple that were old, but they were
>> there...

Been there, done that.

> That does somewhat limit your choice of dryer location.

Not necessarily. Typical US home is wood frame box on top of a masonry
basement. Easy enough to route new wiring.

> What about washing machines too ? Or are they < 1.8kW ?

The active ingredient in a washing machine is typically something like a
1/3-1/3 hp electic motor. That is by definition just a few hundred watts.
More including the startup surge.

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> liquidator wrote:
> > This is a live audio group Graham.
> And I design equipment for live audio.
> Graham

Ok- so you discussing the prices of transistors in Mumbai counts as live
audio experience.

I read an article today, that should count as live experience
this rate I am going to build a big resume fast...I could have saved a lot
of work. All those years of doing gigs for nothing...

Heck, posting to this group can count as live audio experience.

Do you have any idea how goofy you sound?

You didn't do live audio in Mimbai- it don't count, your whole argument is
just plain silly.

Get over yourself. You do enough actual live audio to qualify as serious
amateur. But you are not a live audio pro.

Pro design engineer who DABBLES in live audio we could talk about...but you
dabble. that is it. You aren't and never have been as far as I know, a full
time live engineer. So it's a hobby for you.

I am sorry you are offended, but this is just plain the truth as I see it.

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>> > This is a live audio group Graham.
>> And I design equipment for live audio.
>> Graham
and by that logic the guy who designs the hammer is a carpenter building
all conclusions drawn on a faulty premise are also faulty