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George's Pro Sound Company wrote:

> never haveing worked in europe I had no first hand understanding to dicpher
> what the idiot was trying to say
> when i spec show power it is in terms of total amps

POWER is measured in WATTS !

CURRENT is measured in AMPS

Sounds like YOU were the 'idiot'

> but if asked I will break it down to amps per leg

Which is still NOT POWER.

As ever, your technical ignorance shines through.


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Joe Kotroczo wrote:

> BTW: the rating of the connector is not always equal to the available power.
> Very rarely you get surprised by some dumbass having put 20A fuses behind a
> 32A connector or some such idiocy.

At least it's better than a 20A breaker connected to a 16A outlet !


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George's Pro Sound Company wrote:

> normally there are no connecters, everything is a hard tie in beytween
> me and the venue

Totally avoidable with IEC 60309 connectors.

Impossible to mis-mate different voltages. Available in splashproof and
watertight version. Single and 3 phase.

Note the 240V 125A connector ( 30 kW).


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Eeyore wrote:
> liquidator wrote:
>> 240 in the US is generally for stationary appliances, which a mixer is NOT.
> Is there anything stopping you using 240V for non-stationary applications other
> than inertia ?

No, it's actually done all the time, just not usually in the home.

The place I work has test equipment, pumps, compressors, welders, etc
that all are portable and run on 240. All the floor maintenance
equipment is 240, and anything in the machine shop that you don't pick
up to use is 240 and cabled as portable because they reconfigure
frequently for special jobs.

Where I used to work we had the Midas house and monitor consoles on 240
with all the other signal processing gear on 120. We gave a visiting Oz
engineer 240 for his racks a few times, he was pleasantly surprised.

Just about all venues in the US can supply 240, when they didn't we'd
rent a small Aggreko.
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>> Bob Howes wrote:
>>> Second, I suspect the issue here is that they see their market more in
>>> the
>>> permanent theatre install...where, historically, they've done well. I
>>> might
>>> query the wisdom of this (especially now that their traditional market
>>> is
>>> deserting them for digital offerings with a smaller footprint)
>> But they have the S-digital now. Plenty of advance orders.
> They have advance orders, but do they have a working prototype yet?
> Other have been selling consoles for years, while they are still
> developing.

I'm told they have a working prototype (though not into production yet).
However, I can't verify this because I've moved from 5 miles down the road
from their factory to the other side of the world!

However, I have to say that a concern I have is that making a digital
console (i.e. software) is a very different skill from making an analogue
console. I hope for their sake the Digital is is good...but remain to be