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Quest for the Holy "ACWZUSRT.MDT"
Once again I found the perfect answer to my question: Flexible Reporting of Documenter Results By Duane Hookom - Sept. 2005 ....and Microsoft went and changed the rules. Does anyone know what they have done to/with this file in Windows 7/MSAccess 2007? I checked C:\Us... 6 Jan 2010 09:47
Append to PDF file using the OutputTo command
Did you ever find a solution for this issue? I need to figure out how to do this as well... Rol wrote: Append to PDF file using the OutputTo command 14-Apr-08 I am using the DoCmd.OutputTo command in Access 2007 to output reports in PDF format. is it possible to make this command append to an already exi... 12 Jan 2010 16:20
How can I change the recordsource of a report in code?
I have a report that I want to be able to control which recordsource it uses in code. I tried setting Me.RecordSource = MySQL statement in the OnOpen event, but it uses the one bound to the report instead and will never set it properly from code. Any help would be appreciated Submitted via EggHeadCafe - Soft... 30 Dec 2009 16:31
IIf - Sum Problem
I have an employee database which tracks training. I have a table with basic employee information and a seperate table to hold all trainings with dates completed, hours and if it was mandatory. They are linked by an employee id. I want to write a sum for each employee that shows the total hours earned if the... 29 Dec 2009 15:17
total repeating subreport
Hi, thanks in advance for any help... I have main / sub report setup to produce and invoice. the main form provides the "project detail" for an invoice the subreport gathers, presents and then totals all of the line item charges, the total is recored in the filed sumTask. the subreport repeast for as... 28 Dec 2009 17:24
Background picture for the whole page (incl. margins)
Dear experts, I'm trying to create a report which is to be converted to a PDF-document. The idea is that the document has a background picture of the size of an A4- page, but the data should still be represented with margins. If I set the picture-property of a report, I get the picture printed in the print a... 28 Dec 2009 16:18
Sub report based on Crosstab query
Allen, this really worked well. However, when you list the values in Column Headings propery it shows everything whether data is there or not. Is it possible to make the columns disappear if data is null? Also, how do you put the labels for column headings on the Main Report? I cannot use the column heading la... 24 Dec 2009 15:09
maximum fields in reports access 2007
what is the maximum number of fields allow in report wizard in access 2007 ... 23 Dec 2009 11:01
Different addresses must be accessed depending on time of year.
Mailings from this seasonal community need to go to different addresses for individual members depending on whether the members are still in the area or have returned to their winter homes. I suspect that queries will play a role in this, but I also imagine that the tables need to be set up with this requireme... 23 Dec 2009 08:36
data type mismatch
I am working on a report that should return only current members. In the CommitmentDate table, each time a member renews, their renewal date is entered along with the enrollment period which is typically one year. I created a query to give me the date to which the membership is valid. So if a member renews 7/29... 30 Dec 2009 10:55
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