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show select records in report
Shows every record: Private Sub Report_Open(Cancel As Integer) Dim stDocName As String Dim strInvoicing As String Dim strSites As String strInvoicing = "InvPercent" strSites = "Base List.Subform!SiteComplete" Shows one page of report but fields are blank.... Private Sub Report_Open... 11 Dec 2009 22:28
Using a query as base for report
Hello, I have created a table where I run a query picking the columns I want in the query. From the query, I create a report. My question is this: Whenever I open the report, I want it to show only the open items. Example: My query has 10 columns, when ALL the fields are populated, the record is complete and... 11 Dec 2009 12:30
column borders that expand to fit detail data
Hi Duane, I have been able to draw vertical lines without problem. What about the horizontal line at the end of report when report finishes printing the last record and make the last vertical line meet the horizonal line perfectly? Thanks. -- Lydia Liu Access/VB Programmer "Duane Hookom" wrote: ... 11 Dec 2009 11:22
Draw a horizontal line after the last record is printed on each pa
The details section of my report draws vertical lines which grow to accomodate text size changes. I would like to have a horizontal line drawn when last record finishes printing on the page and joins the end of the last vertical line to make a table. Please help. Thanks. -- Lydia Liu Access/VB Programme... 11 Dec 2009 11:22
Report Combining Totals....Help!!
Hiya! I'm creating a report that has a chart detailing what are our customers are coming to see our advisors about. Its just a pie chart that counts how many people came to see them about funding, personal issues etc. Following a meeting regarding this they now want an additional category box on the form in ... 11 Dec 2009 09:08
Sorting and Grouping Window has stopped popping up
Access sort and group option has stopped working for some reason. Re-installed Access, no help. Any ideas? I have to build a new report, using the report wizard, to access the grouping and sorting options. It's quite a handicap. ... 11 Dec 2009 10:14
Report with subreport formatting
OMG, perfect explanation and so simple!!! I've been racking my head on the best way to hide/suppress my subreports! THANK YOU Allen & Sharkbyte! "Sharkbyte" wrote: Quoted from Allen Browne, in response to another post of the same question. I came looking for the same answer... Please use your S... 10 Dec 2009 17:55
Skip Group Header Sections if below Sections are Blank
The report I created is based on a quality evaluation form, which the information is stored in SQL. The evaluation form has 6 sections with a number of questions in each section. 3 of the sections will always have answers, notes, etc. However, depending on the evaluation only one other section will be used. Whe... 10 Dec 2009 17:55
draw a horizontal line at the end of report
My report draws vertical lines in details section. How can I draw a horizontal line after last record on each page to make the table complete? Thanks. -- Lydia Liu Access/VB Programmer ... 10 Dec 2009 16:48
How to update old DB to New DB?
hi, i want renew my old DB to New DB.. so i have started to update the tables to minimize the effort to display queries without any errors.. so i have created a NEWDB but how to insert the old DB Information to new information.. how to put all old DB to new DB according to the contents i have chose please help... 18 Dec 2009 20:34
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