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I thought of an easier method - works great
1. Create a textbox the same height and width as your strikethrough textbox 2. Set Control Source to ="---------" (Add as many hyphens as is necessary to be wider than the text box) 3. Set Back Style and border Style to Transparent 4. Place it over the strikethrough textbox 5. Create conditional format condition wi... 2 Feb 2010 17:26
Paper settings change for specific printer
I just installed access 2007 and my application uses reports to print labels. Specifically a Dymo turbo 400 and 30252 address labels. when i was using acess 2003 i specified to use a specific printer and everything was great. and when i copied updated FrontEnds to my networked computers every thing transfered a... 3 Feb 2010 15:10
Report sorting
I have a report which runs off a query. Within this query i have a pivot table which computes the average the scores, which are entered into a table from a form. For example: in the table there are 3 depts, lets say maintenance, metalset, and office. They are audited each month and given a score. The query shows th... 2 Feb 2010 17:25
I am trying to use the grouping feature. My problem is the header for the two groups shows as a box in both areas, words are only showing in the correct area. How do I get the one group header to show only for that group? Looks like this: blank box Board of Directors BDName1 BDName2 BDetc Participa... 27 Jan 2010 10:23
How hide value on report if certain criteria exists
I have a report which lists records sorted by part number and then by date. Also on the report for each record is an inventory qty. So the first record may show part #1 due 1/31/2010 and display an inventory qty of "5". If the next record on the report is for the same part number, regardless of the due date,... 24 Jan 2010 12:28
Pageheader in a multi columns
I have a report in a 3 columns page setup. I insert a Logo in the pageHeader. I see the Logo in the first column. At the top of the second and third column I see a white space, the same hight of the logo, and this I would like to avoid. Thanks in advance Mansoor ... 23 Jan 2010 05:31
Access 2007
"Marcelo Bililius" escreveu: Bom dia, Tenho uma dvida: Possuo um formulrio contnuo com 6 campos: A01, A02, A03, B01, B02, B03. Criei rotinas para definir as CORES dos campos conforme a informao armazenada: AM = azul, MG = verde, etc. Esclarecendo: se o campo A01 tiver AM sua cor ... 21 Jan 2010 18:04
Printing a large report in 30 page groups?
I have a report that is 677 pages. Each page is a unique document. I would like to print them in groups of 30 pages each. is this possible with some VBA? ... 21 Jan 2010 15:47
Using Access 2003 convert numeric month to text for reports
Hello everyone, Looking for a way to create a report using data that has dates formated as 01/01/2003 ( basically mm/dd/yyyy ) but want to display on the report sorted under categories ( using a query to sort the categories ) but printed out as long version of the month. January 2005 etc. Thanks for the he... 20 Jan 2010 18:36
How to create a report border that changes color w/each new secti
I want to create a report in Access that has a border color change each time the section changes. For example: Green border for all Learning courses Red border for all Technical courses, etc. Any suggestions? ... 20 Jan 2010 18:36
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