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using iif and like in control Source of report
Simple question! I have a table that has a single field called [name]. I want my report to display true if a name matches "bill". For exam if the field value is "bill Jan" or "Jan Bill" it would be true, "Jan Mark" would be false. Something like this: =IIf([Name] Like "&bill&","true","false") ... 19 Dec 2009 06:14
Sum the values between start and end date
Hi everyone, I have two tables Table_POR_Final and Table_Workdays On Table_POR_Final there are the following fields ActualStartDate_BAInput ActualEndDate_BAInput and on Table_Workdays are two fields "Day" and "Workday". On this table it shows each day (day) and if it is considered a workday (1 or 0 on Workd... 18 Dec 2009 10:31
Send Access Report to MS Word
I have several cases of sending an Access report to Word for an Admin that uses them to publish weekly, monthly reports. They have been working without any problems (over a year) and this week have decided to quit working. Basically I have a button and then on the "OnClick" event have the following code: DoCm... 16 Dec 2009 13:30
prient preview okay but actual printing causes #name? error
I have a report that displays values collected from a form. The Print Preview shows the values correctly, but when I actually print the report (to a printer or pdf) the values show up as #Name? errors. I have the values entered in controlsource field of the report as [=[forms]![frmName]![formvaluename] An... 16 Dec 2009 13:30
Problems Summing
I have a database with a few relationships in it. The patient and their dependants are in two separate tables and a rate of Fee is in another. I have a report which lists the patient and fee with their dependants listed underneath. However, when try to put a sum field in the report header it adds the fee for ... 17 Dec 2009 09:17
produce random results in a report
I'm trying to write a report that will produce random results each time it is run. There are approximately 300 records in my database. For each record, I have included a field with a number identifier (1-7). Each time I run the report, I want it to choose records randomly based on the following list (the num... 15 Dec 2009 04:37
Report error Run Time error 2427
I have combo box where I have list of months and years. When I choose January 2009. It gives me a 2427 run time error. When I debug it takes me to: Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integr, FormatCount As Integer) If Me.somefield>0 Then Me.Detail.BackColor = 14408667 Else Me.Detail.BackColor = 16777215 If ... 14 Dec 2009 23:14
Formatting detail section w/two lines
HELP, I'm trying to create the below in a report, but when I align the "title" field below the "name" field and the "background" field is more than one line, the "title" is no longer directly underneath the name. Is there anyway to accomplish this? Name Background Title Thanks for your expertise! S... 12 Dec 2009 00:36
Page Footer
I built a report that has a page footer. In the page footer I have a long horizontal line and 2 short vertical lines, looks like this |__________________| - basically when it prints, it looks like the data is in a box. In the report section, the page footer has "Not with Rpt Ftr". I have a problem if I hav... 11 Dec 2009 15:51
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