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Need subreport column headers to repeat when data goes onto ne
They are in the subreport headers as there are multiple subreports comprising the main report. I've a different header for the page header that I need to be repeated; it works well. "ghetto_banjo" wrote: Where are the headers currently placed? Placing them in the Page Header section should automaticall... 24 Feb 2010 23:19
Need subreport column headers to repeat when data goes onto next p
Hello, I've a subreport that has columns of data. I need the column headers to repeat when the data spills onto the next page so that users will know the type of data they are viewing. How can I do this? Thank you for the help, ... 24 Feb 2010 15:26
Page setup / page / size??????
Hi, When you are in design view and you click on 'Page setup / page / size' are the options listed based on the printer you have installed or are they options that Access knows? If I select any of the options listed will they work on any printer? Thanks, Phil ... 25 Feb 2010 01:30
Can a Subreport print it's textboxes on the Main report?
I'm having a heck of a time creating a monthly report for work. It has to sum daily values and group them as monthy totals. It also will show fees that are received once a month. I created a subreport for these fees but they need to blend in with the other data. How do I get the subreport's results to lin... 25 Feb 2010 00:25
Import PDF document into Access 2007 report
I have a PDF document that I want to use as the starting point for a new Access report. I added an Unbound Object Frame to the report and selected my PDF document to be placed into the frame. This all works OK except that the PDF document is reduced in size by about 25% when it appears in the unbound object fra... 22 Feb 2010 17:35
Access 2007 Close button disappears..
Hello Rich, Can you please tell me how did you resolve this issue? Iam having the same issue and need help from you. Thanks. ... 22 Feb 2010 16:26
Printing Specific Data
I made a database for a delivery company and when I click the print button on my database it prints all the addresses we have stored for a specific client... My boss now tells me that we need to print a "Dispatch Service Ticket" for our drivers. How would I go about making a report that only prints the addre... 22 Feb 2010 14:10
Roman Numeral
I have a text field that contains roman numerals. Why does my report convert that roman numeral to a number when I concatenate it with other fields? -- Message posted via ... 23 Feb 2010 19:24
how to manipulate repeated entries
I have the following table: I have organized my cds writing down the name of the cd, the artist, the type of music and the tracks.. I want to make a report that contains the above info in the following order (hierarchy): type of music artist name of cd tracks without repeating entries (ie when the artist cha... 22 Feb 2010 13:00
Null Values
Hi, I am using a software called CodeBook which is run via an access database. This database stores information on hospital rooms, and part of this is all the equipment within each room. What I am looking for is when a room has no equipment, how do I get access to place a piece of text on the report sheet s... 28 Feb 2010 01:20
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