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Find records - multiple fields
I have a ProdPlan table that contains – amongst other – 8 text fields (Process1 – Process8) and 8 Check box fields (Logic1 – Logic8) to track jobs in production. I have created a Report (based on a Query) that hides the process(es) when the relevant check box(es) is checked (i.e. completed processes are hidden ... 9 Dec 2009 09:56
Printing two reports at once.
I have a database that is very complex that I did not set up. I would like to take a report that was previously set up and add a new report (BOL1) that I have made and print them both at the same time. The main problem when I go into my report is the report is not limited to what I want to print. When I print... 8 Dec 2009 10:49
Imbedded OLE or Imbedded (Excel) Chart in 2007 Report?
I have previous 2003 OLE MS Graph objects on a report. Can I optimize my report by imbedding the 07 Chart Object instead of the OLE Chart Objects? Is it faster to Load an OLE Chart Object, or run a dynamic 07 Chart Object? Does any of this make sense at all? Thanks. Kou ... 7 Dec 2009 14:03
Printer setting bug
I made a workaround for this problem by setting print quality from vba. ... 1 Dec 2009 03:57
Reports Layout Not Working
Access 2007- not able to edit report in layout mode. When I click save it does not take it. The Save option just keeps popping back-up ... 1 Dec 2009 02:52
Report Footer Error on Page 2+ but shows on first page
there is a form created to open this report. the query the report depends on, calls on the value in the combo box. I have included this field in the report header (which works fine), and the footer (which is kind of funky). the footer shows correctly on the first page, but after the first page it shows #error?.... 1 Dec 2009 18:27
Library Checkout 911
Good day all, I have a question that I really need addressed. I have a form that have a listbox on it. The list box allows me to select individual customer service reps and see how many audits where done on them for the month. What I want to know is that if I select agent(s) for my report can I have it setup... 30 Nov 2009 19:13
Check ligatur (ß) problem with new Access 2010
Hello everyone, Access 2003 had an error as following: having a report with the german default name "Berichtsfuß" (which is a report footer) the database won't work anymore on a japanese system. The error description tells you that VBA can't be loaded (I'm not sure about the exact text) but the solution is to re... 30 Nov 2009 03:44
To have selected the year on combo box
Hello, The following crosstab query can produce the name of our church offices sideway ( year to year comparison), but how can we make it to seledt the year on combo, and then the report will produce it for the last 5 years: since my landscape report can only accomodate for 5 years while my data is already 10 ... 30 Nov 2009 09:10
adding tekst
I have this entryfield on my report. I use a recordfield to display it's data ABO_Stage When I change it into ="Bedrijf: " & [ABO_Stage] I get a # error What is wrong with the syntax? Thanks ... 28 Nov 2009 10:08
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