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Nikon Coolscan vs. Epson Perfection scanners - recommendations?
I have the Coolscan 5000 and love it! Built a new computer with Win7 64 bit, ASUS P6T motherboard, and an Intel Core I7 processor (sorry for bragging). The reinstall of drivers and apps was an "interesting" ordeal and might even comprise a separate chapter in my autobiography. :-) Anyway, I can't find my Nikon... 28 Apr 2010 17:26
Scanning app that fakes scanning device
Hi, I'm using a web application (for online declaration of healthcare costs). It is possible to scan invoices from a scanning device, but several reasons my scanner is not connected to any computer. I scan to a SD-card but the web app does not allow me to upload the scanned file. Is there a (free) app that ... 29 Apr 2010 05:40
Multifunction Network Scanner Fax with ADF reccomendations?
Can anybody recommend a low priced (around $500 or so)Multifunction Network Scanner (TWAIN) with ADF and Fax? I've used the more expensive Canon Image Runner series that do this nicely, but these are really big and expensive (usually leased) and mostly a Copier that happen to do this other stuff. Not really goi... 14 May 2010 22:40
Do any scanners produce "raw" output instead of TIF?
It just occurred to me, do any current scanners put out a flavor of RAW? I prefer RAW when getting files into Photoshop. TIF is more work for color correction, etc and sometimes my results are not what I think I could get with RAW. -- Al Dykes News is something someone wants to suppress, everything else... 14 Apr 2010 02:13
Nikon LS-2000 and LS-30 and Windows 7
Thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge. I am so close I can taste it, but not there yet. We have; Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit 2GB RAM Nikon LS-2000 Adaptec 2490U/UW (I am not sure how to tell which is which) -has a HD68F socket on the back plate ASPI 4.7 correctly (I think) installed So far; The ... 12 Apr 2010 13:39
Acer Scanwit 2740 With Vuescan
Some while ago I asked here for recommendations for a new film scanner, my old Scanwit 2720 having failed. In the event, I purchased a secondhand Scanwit 2740 on ebay. I was very pleased to start with; using Vuescan, the Digital ICE feature worked well. Unfortunately, I soon found that it wouldn't batch scan ... 5 Apr 2010 13:51
Canoscan 9900F drivers problem
I have a CanoScan 9900F on my compueter. The drivers are installed and I can see the drivers under Control Panel/System/Device Manager/Imaging Devices. Under properties it says the device is working properly. But when I run any of my graphic applications, like Photo Studio 5, Photo Shop 7, Prest Page Manager or... 4 Apr 2010 01:46
Nikon film scanners orphaned for 64 bit
Nikon has basically said on their web site that there will not be any Windows 64 bit drivers for their film scanners and to buy Vuescan instead from Hamrick software. I find this somewhat arrogant on their part. David ... 3 Apr 2010 19:13
Seek Fiche to PDF
I used and am satisfied. - = - Vasos Panagiotopoulos, Columbia'81+, Reagan, Mozart, Pindus, BioStrategist ---{Nothing herein constitutes advice. Everything fully disclaimed.}--- [Homeland Security means pr... 23 Mar 2010 20:36
CanoScan 4400F - Stripe Down Left Edge of Images
I have a 15-month old CanoScan 4400F (Model# K10293). On all images, there is a narrow stripe down the left-hand side. The stripe is grayish, with its right-hand edge red, is hard up against the LHS of the image, and its edges are absolutely straight. It first appeared a couple of months ago. I have uploaded ... 12 Mar 2010 22:52
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