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Canon Printers and the address book
Canon has a dialing directory built into their faxing software. It looks exactly the same as the WAB looks only it is not the same. The way I send faxes is to have the document open and select "Print" Windows then shows me a list of printers. Canon fax is one of the options. It gives me a list of names and I c... 21 Jul 2010 11:22
Help and Support is missing
If 'Help and Support' is missing from Administrative Tools>Services, can I get it? How? Thanks Duke ... 20 Jul 2010 19:06
export/import users permissions between pcs
hi i have win xp . in Computer Management in local users and groups , i have many users and groups. i want to change my pc and i want to bring this users and groups with properties from old pc with xp windows to new pc with xp windows . please help me ... 20 Jul 2010 08:04
XP Upgrade
Can I run XP Pro upgrade on Windows 2000 or do I need to do a fresh XP Pro install? Thanks. KenP ... 19 Jul 2010 23:28
Moving ALL Data From C: To Another Drive: Utility?
I've got the part about MyDocuments.Properties. And I've stumbled though the RegEdit settings for Favorites. But it seems to me like the registry changes are pyramiding and user RCI on my part looks inevitable. So, bottom line: is there a utility out there that will automate the process of moving all that st... 20 Jul 2010 22:21
hyperlinks and codes showing
all of a sudden every doc I open from whatever source is showing all hyperlinks, e.g. {HYPERLINK "yvonnenolan(a)"} also page numbers at bottom of docs just showing as a merge code rather than the number of the page? Don't know if it is because of one of the recent updates but it's driving me mad an... 22 Jul 2010 04:53
xp home - user account will not delete
i got this laptop from a friend to had 8 user accounts and all of them were administrators....i picked the one with the computer's owner name to save....i deleted all the other accounts through control panel>user accounts....but one...there are still two profiles...and this one will not go wa... 19 Jul 2010 01:39
Umax scanner driver needed
I'm running a Dell 3GHz CPU with 2G RAM and WinXP PRO SP2 I have a Umax AstraNET A101 scanner. Does anyone know where I can get a WINXP driver for this scanner. I can't find it by Google. Thanks Henry ... 19 Jul 2010 16:53
files & icons always in "details" type view
Hello: I've created some folders in the desktop, and put inside shortcuts to programs that I use mostly. Although I always choose view --> icons, at each startup shortcuts re-appears in "details" view mode. I checked in "folder options", "Remember each folder's view settings" is checked, so what's the proble... 18 Jul 2010 14:53
Text size too small
How can I increase text size _here_? I have *View* > *Text Size* set to *Largest" but I need it (to compose) at least two or three times this size. I wish to send in normal size, of course. I have the same problem when I read... (Before a recent reinstall I could use Ctrl and the mouse wheel to enlarge, but... 19 Jul 2010 17:59
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