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Shortcut or batch to go to local subfolder
Hi, for my USB-stick I like to have a shortcut or batch in it's root, that brings me to a subfolder when I click it from within Windows Explorer. I have tried this unsuccessfully with a shortcut with this property: "%CD%\PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM" <- gives me an error and a batch file with this content: cd "... 5 Aug 2010 08:03
Something like this was bugging me too after installing a Corel product, until after some research I discovered it's software produced by a company called Ulead. For me the fix was to locate and disable the USIShellExt installed by Ulead. It's HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{DBD8E168-244D-448C-9922-25508950D1DC} und... 19 Jul 2010 11:22
Opinion on Windows Card Space
ref I noticed this on my system, and wonder what our "aces" opinion is of this program? Shall I delete it? If so, how? -- Ciao - Moi "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human ... 26 Jul 2010 20:30
Infection by Win32/Alureon.H ----Help
Hi, I have Microsoft Essentials and it seems to be having trouble with this virus...4 times seems not to be allowing updates....getting error code 0x80072efe Also after scan when it finds Aleuron I get 'error encountered' when asking Microsoft essentials to remove it. It seems from History that it i... 18 Jul 2010 12:43
XP Install Keeps Seeing 131 megs On System Drive
I've tried installing XP several times now - both with a virgin Samsung 500-gigger from Samsung, and a tried-and-true WD 250. In both cases, the XP setup seems tb seeing a disc of only 131+ megs. First time around, with the 500-gigger, I just went with it. Got what looked tb a good install, but the system part... 18 Jul 2010 22:26
Drive Image7 on WinXP Pro
When I try to install Drive Image7 on to WinXP Pro, The error message is:- "1607: Unable to install installshield Scripting Runtime" Any help? I have no idea? I bought the Drive Image7 cd few year ago. It was part of Drive Image 2000 or Ver 6. There must be some upgrade over the years Can any us... 19 Jul 2010 11:22
Large Installer folder
Recently we noticed that the hidden Installer folder on this Win XP Pro SP3 machine is taking up almost 4 GB of space. The whole System drive Acronis image itself is 5 GB. Can the contents of this folder be moved to a separate internal hard drive, just as we moved the My Documents and Service Pack files folders? T... 17 Jul 2010 17:25
Email hacked
My email account has been hacked. I followed a link where I sent all information which I could remember to hotmail staff. I got a pin and a link on my alternate email so that I can access my private forum where I would be able to find a link to reset password. When I first clicked the link I could log in by usi... 18 Jul 2010 17:03
Why won't Internet Explorer open?
Any help appreciated.. Friend's pc for unknown reason decided to stop loading IE. He has IE7 I think..certainly not 8 anyway. Its been ok or a couple years without a hitch until last evening. He can use e-mail via outlook express and was able to download latest update to his virus software but when clicking to ... 22 Jul 2010 15:50
How to become Administrator of a usergroup (Windows XP sp 2)
In my office we have 6 computers which are connected by a Hub. I have created a user group call "CECILIYAN". I have connected internet one port of that hub. So any one can access to Internet in that group. Now I want to make my PC as the Administrator of this user group. And I should be able to control other PCs b... 18 Jul 2010 23:30
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