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>>>> Wait for HP to release its version. �No USB port Apple? �Are you THAT
>>>> paranoid about content control??
>>> Avoid Apple like the plague.
>> Avoid irrational bigots.
>>> Those poor iPhone users are still waiting for multitasking to be
>> And there is an example of how the irrational bigot "thinks": latch
>> onto one aspect that you don't understand and then use it to justify
>> your bigotry.
>Somehow, I'm beginning to like you. God help me...

Now I feel dirty.

Ray Fischer

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>> >Well, that's the kind of multitasking I've been enjoying for a long
>> >time on my HTC..
>> And how many 3rd party apps does it run?


>> >Multitasking is multitasking..
>> Stop. �Do not make any more claims about computers. �You don't know
>> the subject and you're just making a fool of yourself.
>I used to study computer science.

And there's a great deal that you've forgotten and more that you never

>> >. on the PC
>> It's not a PC.
>A pocket PC is still a PC.

Guess again.

Ray Fischer

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> sobriquet <dohduhdah(a)> wrote:
>>I've seen plenty of complaints from Apple users in consumer programs
>>who were
>>very upset that their Apple computer broke down after only a few years
>>of operation and Apple refused to do anything for them because they
>>neglected to pay for an overpriced 'Apple care' insurance.
> Name one computer maker that provides a warranty that last for several
> years.

Dell Japan. You get a repair person at your site the next business day for
three years (or five years for an extra US$130) with the laptops I've been
looking at. And they really do get you someone here; I had a power supply on
a Dell desktop die on me, and they fixed it the next day. (Desktop support
may be one year extendable to three. But you can extend it (for a price)
just before it expires.)

David J. Littleboy
Tokyo, Japan

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On 4/18/2010 11:48 PM, nospam wrote:

<mac advocacy bullshit snipped>

A long time ago I used "nospam(a)nospam.invalid" and realized that it was
a stupid thing to do because so many other people have the same idea.

Come up with a better munge.

Oh, and don't bother to respond on this thread--I've just added all
posts containing "ipod", "ipad", "iphone", "itunes", "macs", or "osx" to
the killfile.

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>> > > > Ah, so finally you can now play 3 separate playlists of mp3s on the
>> > > > iPhone?
>> > > at the same time? an app could do that but *why* ?
>> > Because you can enjoy music and audiobooks simultaneously.
>> maybe you can but most people can't or simply don't want to.
> Or maybe they didn't realize they could and they didn't realize that
> it
> is extremely enjoyable.

Or perhaps they just find it really annoying I do.
I even hate it when films go over board with the misic to an extent that you
hear the dialogue, I don;t call that enjoyable even when it's meant to

> The pleasure derived from listening
> to good music adds up to the pleasure derived from listening
> to a fascinating audiobook.

If I'm listening to a facsinating audio book then why would I want to listen
to music ?

There's little proof that the human brain can mulititask, what is does is
ignore whatever other inmut is present, it's more time slicing than

> Sometimes I worry that I might die of a pleasure overdose, but
> pleasure is one of those rare things that you can't have too much of.

The simpler the mind the more easy that becomes.