From: Clocky on
Dragos wrote:
> pay no attention to the grammatical errors in the previous post ;)

I was more concerned about the content ;-)

From: White Spirit on
On 12/05/2010 16:54, David Murray wrote:

> IN FACT.... One time about 8 years ago my wife cut somebody off in
> traffic while we were on our way home. I was riding in the passenger
> seat. When we parked and got out of the car, the car she had cut off
> pulled up behind us and 4 big black guys got out that looked like they
> were part of a gang. They walked over and started cussing us out (me
> mostly, even though it was obvious that my wife had been driving)
> according to the main ringleader, it is my responsibility to keep my
> woman under control. Anyway, they were threatening bodily harm to us
> verbally. I actually had my hand under the back of my shirt griped
> around the handle on my 9mm Glock. While at the same time I was
> apologizing very profusely, saying it wouldn't happen again, etc..
> They finally backed off and got back in their car. Had they chosen
> to proceed with the physical violence they were talking about, then I
> would have most definitely started shooting.

You don't seem to have thought about what would have happened if one of
them took out a gun and started shooting at you. It's interesting that
the possibility doesn't enter into the fantasies of would-be have-a-go
heroes. You just assume that because you have a gun you have sufficient
control of the situation.

Like isn't like that. Too many variables...

From: White Spirit on
On 12/05/2010 21:28, Fred Winter wrote:

> In a society where only the government is armed, you will find a
> totalitarian government.

I don't know of a single Western country where only the government is armed.

I know of many where only the Police and the military are armed, but
none of them are totalitarian.

From: White Spirit on
On 13/05/2010 03:05, Dragos wrote:

> Poking fun at our freedom gets you the same douchebag..... except we
> are have more freedom than you, at least we have the choice to own a
> handgun,

Yeah, but many of you are also forced by your employers to undergo
regular drug tests and have a police force that is more interested in
controlling its citizens than protecting their much-vaunted freedom.

It always amuses me when ignorant people like you rant about freedom (as
though you invented it) despite living in what is in many respects a
very authoritarian country that has absolutely no respect for the
freedom of people it tortures without even having given them a fair trial.

Then again, why would I expect anything more than blatant hypocrisy from
someone who comes across as being so badly educated?

From: Dombo on
Dragos schreef:
> On May 12, 9:55 pm, "Clocky" <notg...(a)> wrote:
>> Dragos wrote:
>>> Oh, I'm sorry, you are a foreigner, I mistook you for someone with
>>> freedom....
>> What an ignorant and narrowminded point of view.
> Poking fun at our freedom gets you the same douchebag..... except we
> are have more freedom than you, at least we have the choice to own a
> handgun, that has been decided for you and there is nothing you could
> do about it,

Wrong, if a big part of the population wanted the right to carry
firearms, than no doubt a political party would pick it up. And if they
get sufficient votes laws will be changed accordingly.

It appears that for you it is hard to understand is that in a society
where almost no one carries firearms, people simply don't feel the need
to carry handguns themselves (or wear body armor for that matter).

> so I see why you would pick that position, as any other
> position your have you at odds with your government, then you would
> have to be anti-dingo or whatever as well as anti-US.

I'm free to say that I want the right to carry firearms, I'm free to
establish an organization to lobby for the right carry firearms. I'm
free to establish a political party for this very purpose and
participate in the elections we have (at least) every 4 years. I'm also
free to say I don't like our government and that the man in charge is an
incompetent asswipe with a tard face and should be cleaning toilet bowls
instead of running the country.

I'm not free to kill or wound other people, unless it for self defense.
Nor I'm allowed to threaten people with murder or bodily harm. But even
that could change if sufficient people in my country would believe that
would be a good idea.

> I believe this is the greatest country ever. If it wasn't then so
> many people would not be trying to come here...

There are many countries (mostly in the western world) where many people
want to immigrate to. However, like the USA the motivation typically
economical rather than freedom (to carry firearms or otherwise).

Based on what you wrote in this thread I have got the impression that
you haven't seen many countries except the USA, nor know much about
other countries.
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