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Data type enforcement in DataGridView
I want to know the best way to enforce data types (double, string) in a DataGridView control. The control would be unbound and programmatically populated. TIA. -- Wannabe Geek ... 29 Apr 2010 16:57
Calling unmanaged Win32 API from managed code
Hi! Here is an example from MSDN I have two questions concering this text. 1. Why do they have brackets around some out prefix parameter. Is [Out] lpBuffer the same as out lpBuffer ? 2. They also have brackets around In like this [In]. What does that mean ? Class Backup { [DllImport("kernel32.d... 29 Apr 2010 12:25
calling unmanaged code in Win32 API
Hi! When I looked in the doc for the Win32 API CreateCompatibleBitmap I saw these two Library Gdi32.lib DLL Gdi32.dll I know what a DLL is because that's what I use when callingWin32 API from managed code but what is the Gdi32.lib ? //Tony ... 29 Apr 2010 10:08
Status of RAM
Hi, I need to get the status of the RAM, i.e. if its working normally or not. I've been looking at the WMI classes but I don't know which one I need to use for my purpose. I don't want to know how much RAM I have left. I want to report the status for monitoring purposes. I thought I might get it using the 'Statu... 29 Apr 2010 07:52
Report Services Client Side
Is there a newsgroup for ReportViewer questions? Thanks, Bernie ... 29 Apr 2010 02:25
how to implement multithreading in c#
Hi! i am a professional developer and i have made an antivirus. but when i start scanning if we click on the dialog or minimize or any other work on that dialog. it goes on busy state, and after complition of scaning it will displayed in actual state. this occures because i am scnaing and the drawing of form ... 29 Apr 2010 03:31
COM communicate with managed code(.NET)
Hi! When I have a communication from COM to managed code(.NET) a type library(TLB) is necessary in between to handle the communication from COM to ..NET. I tried to use Red Gats's reflector to look into the type library that have extension tlb but it's not possible. So why is it not possible ? //Tony ... 28 Apr 2010 15:11
Factory Pattern in C#
Hello together, I'looking for a good instruction. I found this one. Abstract Factory Creates an instance of several families of classes Builder Separates object construction from its representation Factory Method Creates an instance of several deriv... 4 May 2010 23:32
ComVisible(false) doesn't work as expected
Hi! I have this class library that is called from COM. The strange thing is that even if I add this attribute [ComVisible(false)] to the only method that the COM can call it still work. Accordingly to the docs this attibute will hide those members that have this attribute set to false like this [ComVisible(fals... 29 Apr 2010 12:25
Is this text from Microsoft press really correct(exam 70-536)
Hi! Here I have some text from Microsoft Press(exam 70-536) It says: "The .NET Framework provides you the ability to both import Win32 functions using Dll import attribute and you can also use P/Invoke to make direct calls against Win32 DLLs." Now when I use P/Invoke I use the DLLImport attribute but what doe... 29 Apr 2010 11:15
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