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Enable control/field if in Add New Record page/form
I have a field that I disable in the Edit mode of a form but I would like to Enable the same field/control when the same form is in the 'Add new Record' mode. Can you tell me the code and event to use. ... 4 Mar 2010 10:05
Page-Index of a Tab-Control from a SubForm
I am writing a small golf management database application. I have a form (TournamentManagement) which has a 3 page tab-control (TournamentTabCtrl). The second page has a subform (Groups) which includes a tab-control (SubFormTabGroupCtrl) with 6 pages. I need to know the page-index of the main tab-Control (Tourna... 3 Mar 2010 22:01
Ensure correct date sequence
I am keying in data into a results table and I need to setup a checking process during the data entry so that each new results record is dated is after, not before or equal to, the date in the previous records. Does anyone know how to set this up? In other words, I need Access to prevent both an earlier date or... 3 Mar 2010 18:41
DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8
Hello, I have vba that will import the data from Excel file. Is it possible to append the data from excel file to a table in Access in such a way that excel file does not have a field's name? When I run this transferspreadsheet command, it comes in as F1, F2,..... thanks, ... 3 Mar 2010 17:34
Windows 7
Hi - I switched to a new computer that has Windows 7. My problem is that the buttons on my forms don't work any more. How do I turn them back on? Something has been disabled and I can't find where to turn it back on. ... 3 Mar 2010 16:26
Using DLookUp as the default value of a Forms ComboBox
I have a ComboBox in my form, which we will call "ComboBox123" for now. I'd like the default value of "ComboBox123" to be a date based on a DLookUp to a query. I want it to take the current date and find the closest value listed in the "qryPay_Period_Ending", and use this as the default value for "ComboBox123" when... 5 Mar 2010 18:30
REquery Subform
I have a subform (frmCamResourcesSUB1 based on a query result) on a main form (frmCamResource). If I want to edit data displayed on the subform. You can click on a name in the subform, a popup comes up that allows you to edit the data. When I close the popup I want to requery the subform so that the new edited d... 2 Mar 2010 16:58
recordset clone
I have a main form with a linked subform (combo boxes in the main form determine the records in the subform) I have a button on the main form. When that button is clicked, I want to loop through the records in the subform. I believe this needs a recorset clone from the subform. How do I reference that fro... 2 Mar 2010 19:16
Recognising the user switch between Form view and Data sheet v
Jon, BruceM and Paul: Many thanks for your answers. I will now experiment with your ideas. "Paul Shapiro" wrote: "Mike Turner" <MikeTurner(a)> wrote in message news:49E18B79-A0B1-4D73-90DE-7DB73D2FD43E(a) My Uncle has an Access application where he would like to s... 2 Mar 2010 16:58
Bookmark not working on subform
Greetings all. I have a main form/sub form set up, where the subform contains possibly hundreds of records, depending on filtering. On the subform, there is a button to open a popup to add a note. After the note is saved, I need to requery the subform to display the note. I am trying to use a bookmark, but it o... 3 Mar 2010 10:41
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