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How to calculate diffrence between two dates
In Access expressions, how can I calculate the difference between two dates in years, months and days? ... 2 Mar 2010 07:53
Export Report based on Filter
Hi, Trying to use the wonderful Allen Browne's Instead of a filter on the form though, I want to export a report (filtered). Do I just change the me.filter to something else? Or do I create a report macro and do a run macro command? Help!! Thanks! ... 1 Mar 2010 23:11
Clone Code Complication
Hi (Access 2007) I have the following code which works perfectly well for me on one form, though when I've tried to replicate it on another form I get a run time error 3077 - Syntax error (missing operator) in expression .... I hope you can help (they look exactly the same to me!) TIA. WORKING CODE Priva... 2 Mar 2010 04:37
Mouse Move response based on combo box value
Hello, all. I have been asked to add a feature to an exiting form where a "note" will appear on mouse over only if a combo box of a continuous form is a particular value (i.e. Annual Safety Training). The main form is frmEmployees, the subform is subformClassesAttended. The combo box is Combo12, but it is dis... 28 Feb 2010 18:58
Combo Box Data Row Source
I recently upsized my BE to SQL Server 2008 Express. As expected, my new tables all have a "dbo_" prefix. I can easily do a 'Search & Replace' in my code to accommodate the new names. However, I have a great many combo boxes which reference the original table names in the Data Row Source property that need t... 27 Feb 2010 21:00
Continuous form / sequential numbering
I am running Access 2003 and want to set up something on a continuous form in a multi-user environment simply for the user (aesthetic) when entering data. User must enter countermeasures on a subform, he can enter a maximum of 5 and I have a code running on the subform: Private Sub Form_Current() LimitRe... 27 Feb 2010 15:29
Error 3075 Syntax Error
I am getting eror 3075 saying there is a syntax error. I just can't spot the mistate. Can anyone help? Here the code behind the form's Before Insert event. Private Sub Form_BeforeInsert(Cancel As Integer) 'Check for duplicate records Dim strCriteria As String strCriteria = "[ProductName]= """... 25 Feb 2010 22:44
Primary Key that Contains Number as a String & starting with zero
I have two forms: frmFaculty and frmCourse. I have linked these two forms through the FacultyID. When I open the frmCourse through the frmFaculty it transfers the FacultyID because I given frmCourse OnCurrent the following language: If Me.NewRecord Then [FacultyID].DefaultValue = Forms![Faculty]![FacultyID] E... 25 Feb 2010 14:51
Access 2007 - Recordsource & Subform
I recently started converting an app to Access 2007. I have a main form with lots of subforms. Both the main form and subforms are detached and reattached to various recordsource queries as needed. After installing Access 2007, even before converting the applicaion from 2003, the subforms began exhibiting st... 25 Feb 2010 14:51
Command button on got focus not working
Greetings all. I've got a popup form for adding a note to a notes table. On the form there is a command button to insert the note then close the add note form. It works fine when sub fires from the on click event of the button. However, if I take the same code and put it in the got focus event, I get an error, s... 26 Feb 2010 17:36
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