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How to remove locations from the drop-down list?
My drop down list for appointment locations contains a few duplicate entries, usually because one of the duplicates contains a spelling error. How can I get rid of these false entries so that I don't always have to be super-cautious to pick the correct one? M. ... 3 Mar 2010 09:33
screen disappears
Hi - I have a 2000 iMac OS 9.2 ( which my friend gave me about 6 yrs. ago) and Outlook Express 5 is my mail manager. I am on a dial-up system to get my email. Last week I clicked on the Outlook "Send & Receive" and the whole Outlook screen disappeared. I have tried it many days since, hoping for a glitch in the... 2 Mar 2010 18:07
Outlook calendar auto-delete
My outlook calendar is automatically sending appointments to my delete folder after 60 days which is a problem since I use that calendar to keep track of my business. I cannot figure out why it is doing this. I have read that my BB may be causing this. I called my BB provider T-Mobile and they had never heard of th... 2 Mar 2010 19:16
Spam Filter question
"Polly the Parrot" <flatulantdingo(a)> wrote in message news:a9ngo55oqhpmlc0k7p8tcbilrgoicf3fb8(a) I understand that the Spam filters on Outlook 2003 only work on sender's addy, or do I have this wrong? This is wrong. Outlook 2003 and above consider more that just the sender's address.... 3 Mar 2010 03:00
Saturday, January 01, 4501 - Reminder Date
This problem is directly related to the "Quick Click" setting. Access Quick Click with "Actions/Follow Up/Set Quick Click...". It will be set to "Completed". Change this setting to "Today" and the default reminder will become today's date. If you want "Completed" to be the default quick click behavior, either d... 1 Mar 2010 12:34
Cannot Receive emails from certain people!
Hi Around two months ago one of our clients mysteriously started being unable to receive emails from around 4 users they could still receive emails from everyone else , so we thought it was a mail server problem. So we moved the emails to a new server and there still having the same issues. We have tried sending e... 1 Mar 2010 14:09
rules don't run automatically - 2002
I'm having problems with my rules lately because they aren't running automatically like they used to. Everytime it seems like I have to go to tools>rules wizard>run now... My rules are all the same: apply after message arrives with "something" in the subject move it to the "something" folder ... 1 Mar 2010 14:09
How to hide outlook notes icon from taskbar?
I use outlook notes to store short information for the day. I dont want all those notes icon to pile up on my taskbar. I prefer them stay behind all the windows. Is there any way to do so? Note: I'm only able to hide the outlook window using "Hide when minimized" option. Not the outlook notes. I use Outlook 2007... 1 Mar 2010 11:25
Old emails keep showing as new each time I start up, how can I st.
I have recently set up Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact manager. All emails from Windows Mail were imported ok but every time I start my computer, emails that I have read re-appear as new unread malis in my Inbox. Please could someone advise how I stop this? Many thanks ... 1 Mar 2010 11:25
How do I leave emails on the server so Blackberry Internet Ser
Hi, I am having the same problem. I followed the instructions but I dont have that option. can that be because of EXCHANGE server? "Racingdog" wrote: THANK YOU!!!! YAY! "Diane Poremsky [MVP]" wrote: It's in your account settings, More settings, Advanced tab. 1 Mar 2010 11:25
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