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Disable Outlook 2007 Splash screen...
ha ha NMCI sucks... -- NO, I DO NOT WANT YOU TO BUILD A DATABASE FOR ME FOR A "REASONABLE FEE". "Lyle" wrote: Willam, Thank you. I would personally neither recommend nor implement the solution you've pointed me to simply due to the risky nature of such software. I do however thank you for ac... 12 Feb 2010 15:44
Can have more than one e-mail account on Outlook 2000?
Thank you all for your responses. It's much appreciated. Any chance you might have answers for me to what I wrote in another thread?~Fuchsia -- FEast ... 22 Feb 2010 10:45
Outlook 2003 "You forwarded this message" feild gone
I have no idea how this happened, I have multiple new computers running outlook 2003, one of them does not display the field at the top of the screen showing if they have replied or forwarded a message like normal, I cannot find any options to turn this off and I am kinda lost at this point, has anyone else seen or he... 17 Feb 2010 23:35
synchronising Outlook 2007 contacts data with backed up version
Dear list members, I use Outlook 2007 under Win XP. In December, I downloaded Nokia's new "Ovi Suite" software, connecting my Windows machine to my Nokia handset. Synchronising with Ovi suite truncated the longer entries in my MSO Contacts fields (some 200 entries). Fortunately, I back up my HDD regularly, so... 6 Mar 2010 22:50
Permissions for not allowing users to delete items out of generic mailboxes created for a department...
Hey everyone, Quick question that i'm stumbiling over. I have a manager who wants his group of employees to be able to edit emails within the generic mailbox that we created for their department. However the one thing they DO NOT want certain people to be able to do is delete emails that have come into these b... 11 Feb 2010 05:02
Solar cells for less than 1 USD per Watt
Wow! I need a bunch of those! : Do you know that you can find solar cells for less than 1 USD per Watt : on -----? : : Regards. ... 11 Feb 2010 08:19
How do you save a contact from an e-mail you have recieved?
This should be a fairly easy thing to find, but maybe I'm just missing it. When I get an e-mail from someone not on my contact list, how can I save their contact information without having to enter it in manually? I can't figure out how to do this on gmail either! Should be a fairly easy thing to do, you would ... 11 Feb 2010 06:07
Is there any method of controlling when Outlook and Gmail synchronizes.
In message <ad3c64fa-be4b-4946-981f-63d7868e7089(a)> "R. audit2" <premiumauditconsultingllc(a)> was claimed to have wrote: For some reason, it locks up my PC. Thanks for the reply. You might want to address that issue rather then worrying about synchronization schedules. ... 10 Feb 2010 00:09
Instant search not available in Outlook 2007
Someone I'm helping has Outlook 2007 under Windows XP. He is unable to search e-mail folders for "sent by" or "keywords" or other filters. What I mean is that if he selects "All Mail Items" and moves the mouse to the search tool (the top of the screen with the magnifying glass icon) and then clicks on the 2... 12 Feb 2010 06:43
Remember Password for Internet Calendar
My wife and I each publish our calendars to the internet using Office Online. Now when I open Outlook, it wants my password for the intenet calendar. Even though I check the box to "Remember my Password", it doesn't remember it. How can I get Office Online to remember my password? We are both using Office 200... 8 Feb 2010 10:00
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