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Adding controls in the Email Form
Hi, I am having some requirement in MS office outlook. I want to add the Radio button in the incoming message form. The mails which are received from the particular mail box should have this control and If users clicks the added radio button the auto reply should be sent to the sender with the body as "Appro... 19 Jan 2010 15:49
For outlook & I Touch ... 18 Jan 2010 22:10
How do I enable the RECURRENCE radio button WHEN SCHEDULING A TASK
Let me restate the question. First of all I am using Outlook 2007. Why is the radio button for recurrence greyed out when I am scheduling a TASK ? I tried the shortcut key Ctrl G. The pop up window for th recurrence quickly flashes on the screen but never stays up for me to schedule the recurrence. Please advi... 18 Jan 2010 15:26
How do I enable the recurrence radio button in Tasks
Why is the radio button in scheduling a Task greyed out, meaning unable to use? However, when I use the shortcut keys, The pop up window flashes and I am unable to schedule the recurrence. Please advise how I may activate this feature. Thanks. ... 2 Feb 2010 17:32
Outlook 2007 and Exchange
Hi, I have a user who got the good idea tu upgrade Outlook 2000 tp 2007 version. We do run an Exchange 2000 server here with 2000 Outlook clients. So now, from the Outlook 2007 version, we can't send email on the local domain anymore. We end up with the 550 error user unknown. I can delete and creat the acco... 19 Jan 2010 07:57
Default font in MAPI invoked email
My default fonts in Outlook 2007 are sans-serif. However, when an Outlook message form is invoked by another program -- such as using a Send Link from a browser -- the default font is always Times New Roman. What do I have to do to change the default font for an email that is invoked by a browser? Thank you! J... 17 Jan 2010 23:57
New email error
Having the same error message and looking into resolving it as well. "Ingoloid" wrote: I receive an error message pop-op whenever I create a new email within Outlook. The error msg is: Application initilizaiton error: Preference Set "Prefset1" defined without Path attribute After clicking ... 17 Jan 2010 18:26
unable to export Outlook 2007 address book email address
We are using Vista Outlook 2007 in our office. We use the address book inside the Outlook 2007 to set the outgoing email address. In the Outlook 2007, we try to export the address book person name and email address. We tried all methods, but the email address field in the exported file are always empty. What ... 24 Jan 2010 16:58
What's the best way to explain to users how to share mailboxes?
Hello, We're moving to Exchange/Outlook 2003 from another mailsystem. We have literally hundreds of boss-secretary and functional-mailboxes. In Outlook, we're having a hard time explaining to our users -- and ourselves -- the differences between sharing mailboxes using Delegates Access, and sharing mailboxes by ... 19 Jan 2010 04:41
Setting up Outlook
Find internet provider password, i have an hotmail account i want to link to my outlook account but to do this it keeps asking me for my internet provider password? which i do not know, can anyone help me locate ie. thanks. ... 16 Jan 2010 15:03
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