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Import versus POP3
Hi, Are there any difference in handling the stream of data when importing from an outlook folder compared with using POP3 MN ... 10 Dec 2009 15:40
Replacing OE with Outlook
Re: Win XP SP3 Whenever I install a system update, Outlook becomes the mail program by default and I have to manually change back to OE. Now, I would like to use Outlook instead of OE but I don't know how to do it. I need some guidance. ... 13 Dec 2009 11:01
Spam Rules by Sender
I neglected to mention: Outlook 2003 ... 9 Dec 2009 09:56
Outlook error messages
I just recently started having the same problem and error messages and my contacts synch with MobileMe but not my Calendars. Mobile Me support (via chat) couldn't fix it and said it was an Outlook issue. Spent an hour on the phone and GoToMeeting yesterday with an IT guy and still cannot figure it out. Could yo... 24 Dec 2009 16:15
Signature for outlook removed
I set up a signature using the advanced edit so I could put a picture and I assign it to the email account but when I try to send an email I get an error saying my signature has been removed. ... 30 Nov 2009 19:13
Sounds - Outlook 2007
Since I switched to Win 7 Outllook has bugged me by making noises. I looked it up and followed the instructions to uncheck a few boxes under options. I don't get a noise for new messages, but I get a noise when I open an email. What arcane checkbox am I missing? Thanks. ... 29 Nov 2009 20:09
What can Windows CARDFILE 3.1 be Converted to run in Windows 7?
What is a good replacement for MS Cardfile.exe? It will not run with Windows 7 (64-bit)? I need to use my CARDFILEs on my new computer. ... 27 Nov 2009 21:08
Categories Disappear on Assigned Tasks
I often create tasks and assign them to other individuals to work on, and they then assign the task back to me when they are done. If I create a task and give it a category, after I assign the task and they assign it back, the categories disappear. This never hapenned when I was on OL 2007 and Exchange Server 20... 2 Dec 2009 17:51
Outlook 登錄 VB Script DLL 失敗
請重新安裝或執行 Regsvr32.exe Vbscript.dll來進行自行登錄。 我已經做了,但仍然無法登錄? ... 24 Nov 2009 06:42
Outlook2007 - disable "Mark All as Read"
How can I disable the "Mark All as Read" option in Outlook 2007? ... 24 Nov 2009 11:09
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