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>>>>> To Phildo I'd say "don't give up on the LS9 just yet". I've mixed on
>>>>> one
>>>>> quite a few times and, provided I can set it up to MY tastes it's
>>>>> quite a
>>>>> nice little mixer that I enjoy using.
>>>> How do you set it up to your tastes if all the time you have to do it
>>>> is a
>>>> 15 minute soundcheck?
>>> As much as FIFTEEN minutes ? I did 6 bands one evening. I doubt the
>>> audience
>>> would have been happy with that.
>> Huh? You doubt that the audience would have been happy with you doing 6
>> bands one evening? Or what?
> I doubt a an audience would be happy if they were subjected to eyesore for
> even one band
> George

I believe Eyesore used to be the regular sound mixer for "The Police". Oh,
hang on. Not "The Police"...a tribute version called "The Hertfordshire

He's now mixing for a new goth group called "The Barristers". They dress in
black robes and white wigs.


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Eeyore wrote:

> Or use an analogue desk. No such problems !

As well as none of the advantages of the digital, either.


Life begins at 60...1.060, that is.
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> That's just the kind of business I ran. Continual repeat work. These days
> I
> design more than mix. Of course you can't design George, in fact you have
> very
> little idea even of the technology and your jealousy and lamentable lack
> of
> technical knowledge shines like a beacon in the dark in your witless
> attempt to
> denigrate me.

George has no need to denigrate you as you do it to yourself with your
constant bragging which is pretty pathetic seeing as the only mixing you do
is at a pub and way below most of the posters here. You're not impressing


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> I have a feeling in real life Arnie may be an OK's just when he
> gets to touting how great he is and proves otherwise...

If Arny acted IRL the way he does here he'd get punched out on a regular
basis. AAPLS is just somewhere he acts out his fantasies of being a real
sound engineer.


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> Thank you for making the point I have been preaching to YOU for several
> years.

Pretty difficult since you were in my killfile most of that time.

You're just a luddite who sees his work designing analogue boards going the
way of the dinosaurs.