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Need to set up a slide with 4 text boxes on same page.
Want to end up with 4 "bulleted" boxes that I can to show 4 strategies and associated task on same page. Also, if possible have each one drop in individually to allow flow conrol for the presentation ... 5 Feb 2010 16:14
Hi, I know I am probably way late to the game, but I really want to try and get this to work, so I thought I'd maybe ask and get lucky?? I hope this is posted in the right place, I'm sorry if it is not, or if it is way off base! I am trying to run the pptPlex Add-in, and I can't seem to get it to actually r... 5 Feb 2010 22:53
I have pptx 2007 All the shapes that I insert have a fill color and the font is colorless I want all powerpoint shapes in all future docs to be having no fill and the color of font to be black How do I set it up please help?? afd ... 5 Feb 2010 10:33
Problem w/ Format Picture (size)
I'm starting a new PP 2003 presentation -- In Slide Show/Set Up Show, Slide show resolution is set to 1024x768. Now, I insert a Picture from file (1024x768 jpg image). The image comes in centered, but at 640x480. So, I left-click image, open Format Picture option, select Size tab, check "Best scale for slide sh... 11 Feb 2010 15:05
Scrub/Navigate video within ppt
I have a ppt with slides and various videos to present. I want to be able to play the videos and be able to navigate within the video backwards and forwards or at least to jump to points in time within the videos. Is there a way to do this with powerpoint? Thanks in advance. Mike A ... 5 Feb 2010 02:52
Print current slide while in fullscreen without macro?
Hi I do a presentation for a large company. They have their PowerPoint settings on NOT allowing macros. Is there any way that I can print a slide in fullscreen mode without pressing ESC? Any short commands perhaps? Ctrl + P didn't work. I work in PPT 2007. Thanx! ... 4 Feb 2010 12:20
PPT adds shadows to everything i draw...
Hi, I have PPT 2003 and use XP/Win 7 All of a sudden PPT is adding shadows to everything i write and draw. I must have changed some setting. It is very time consuming to remove all shadows manually... How can I turn this off? Cheers Henrik ... 4 Feb 2010 04:29
Action for embedded Excel object doesn't work during presentation
I'm creating a slide presentation. I set the object action for my embedded excel object as "open", but when I viewed it in slide show view for presentation and clicked the Excel object, it sort of appeared as if it's about to open, but it kept closing away in the end (made it look like a blink). Did I miss a... 4 Feb 2010 00:08
The converter failed to save the file
I'm trying to use the PowerPoint Viewer 2007 to open a sample pptx file made with PowerPoint 2007. I have installed FileFormatConverters.exe as well. When I try to open the file, a prompt with "Save As" in the title bar and "The converter failed to save the file." in the text appears. I can open PowerPoint 2003... 3 Feb 2010 19:42
trying to save a presentation (pps) It doesn't work
I've tried to save a presentation (pps) for automatic running, but I can't. Saving it as pps, it opens as ppt. Any suggestions? I'm using power point 2003 ... 2 Feb 2010 17:34
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