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How to avoid a slide clearing itself after the last animationeffe
On 2/22/10 5:46 PM, Space Venus wrote: I have added animation to a slide with a diagram so that I can build it up element by element. However, once the last element of text appears, the slide then clears itself. I want the complete diagram to remain at that point until I click for the next slide. Any adv... 22 Feb 2010 19:50
PPT 2007 embedded charts help
I am using both Excel 2007 and Powerpoint 2007. I also program using console applications and write code in C#. Is there a way to edit embedded chart data using C#? We would like to keep the charts embeded but if we change the data in Excel and copy of the chart the chart is now linked, maybe there is a way ... 22 Feb 2010 18:43
Margins in PowerPoint
How does one delete or lesson margins in PowerPoint? ... 22 Feb 2010 17:35
Insertion point disappears in outline view of PPt 2007
When typing the content of my presentation in outline view, if I pause for a second, the insertion point "disappears". If I continue to type, the new text does not show up either in the outline or on the slide. I can click back in the outline pane and continue but the insertion point soon disappears again - som... 22 Feb 2010 13:01
How do I embed Video in PPT (to send to another user by mail)?
HI john when i'm adding the moving by clicking the movie file option in the PPT Though it gets added in the PPt but the video is not visible and only the audio is which we can hear. Please help me as i've to post the ppt with a videio to my boss through email. "John Wilson" wrote: Afraid the short answ... 21 Feb 2010 04:55
Minimum width of UserForm
Is there away to get pass the "Minimum width of UserForm" in VBA ... 22 Feb 2010 11:52 Kit completo de Solenoides ( solenoid ) + chicotePara Cambio automatico 01M hidramatico Audi A3 Vw Golf gti turbo 97705
Contato: marvendas(a) marvendas @ marvendas no Kit completo de solenoides para Volkswagem e Audi. O kit contem: 5 solenoides 2 Epc ( solenoides de pressao ) 1 Chicote Serve para qualquer modelo VW ou Audi fabricados de 1995 ate hoje com o cambio automatico de 4 marchas � 01M Pre�o: R$ ... 19 Feb 2010 23:19
"Change video"
There is a Change Picture button. I'm making a presentation with a crazy amount of music and videos which all need the same formatting. It would be great to have a Change Video and Change Audio button to limit my click-count for adding, resizing and formatting my music & video's. ---------------- This post i... 19 Feb 2010 21:07
VBA- Undo?
v2007 Is there no Application.Undo in PPT? If not, has anyone had success using another strategy in VBA for reversing the last action a user did in a slide edit? Thanks, Melina ... 20 Feb 2010 11:20
move a shape in slide show view
In slide show view, can I move a object eg jigsaw piece ... 19 Feb 2010 20:00
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