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Default font never happens
I tried using many ways including selecting text then from format/font dialog box to set as default font; selecting the box and then setting the font but of no avail. After inserting a new slide or after opening a new file the default font happens to be Arial. Then why is the option in Fonts dialog box given "D... 16 Feb 2010 12:57
Copying slides from ppt to pptx
how do i go about copying slides from a ppt to a pptx? I have the compatibility pack and it didn't help at all... any suggestions? ... 16 Feb 2010 22:55
POWERPNT.EXE version Number difference
Hello Everyone, we are having Issue at work were we are playing with graph etc in power point and just a random time it will freeze and not respond. i have been trying to look into way it is doing what it is doing but have yet to find out. i have tried applying some of the hot fixes Microsoft suggested but s... 16 Feb 2010 18:24
I open 2007 file, it opens as .ppt (2003) read only
When I open up my 2007 files .pptx by double-clicking on it, it opens as a ..ppt (Read Only) (Compatibility Mode). I then have to do a "save as" 2007 file. However, when I open it by doing file-open - it opens as a 2007 file. Does anyone know why yhis happens and if there is a preference I can set to have t... 16 Feb 2010 18:23
Powerpoint 2000
When we insert video clips in the presentation they constantly skip. Any ideas why this is or how to fix it? We've been using video clips in the presentations for quite some time with no problem, but about 4 months ago they all started skipping in every presentation on every computer. Re-inserting them or putti... 15 Feb 2010 17:48
Advance to next slide on click (PP 2003)
I have slide #1 with a text box and a couple of graphics where they are grouped. Slide #2 also has a text box. Both have the same background and some duplicated text boxes. I want to fade the grouped objects in slide #1, then advance to slide #2 where the text box fades in. Both slides are set to advance sl... 15 Feb 2010 17:48
Heiarchy Flowchart Help
Hi, I am new to PP2007, and am trying to create a corporate org chart with one parent and 89 subsidiaries. I first inserted "flowchart shapes" from the insert/shapes but there are no connecting lines. I may need to add and delete at some point, so was looking for something that will automatically adjust. I tr... 28 Feb 2010 21:11
Grouped image
Is it possible to change the colour of an image without ungrouping it. ... 16 Feb 2010 07:31
ppt2007 links
I am working on ppt2207 presentation that will be packaged for a CD. Now I find out that the company that is publishing the CD has a file name limitation of 8 characters. I realize that all my files that are linked will have to be renamed but my question is for jpg and wmv file links.Are these files embedded i... 16 Feb 2010 18:23
Sort discussion forum questions by date
IN THIS HELP DISCUSSION FORUM, is there a way to sort questions by date? I see all types of questions in no specific order. Specifically, I'd like to see the most recently posted questions. How can that be done? ... 15 Feb 2010 12:05
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