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Distributing custom themes?
Apologies if this has been answered, but I cannot find it anywhere in the group. I need to make a custom theme for my business unit. That's fine, I've figured out how to do it, but now I don't know how to actually distribute it. It was easy with POT files, but this theme business has me utterly confused. How ... 13 Apr 2010 17:22
can i change my text to a form of a circle?
I am typing text and have a picture in the middle and want the text to go around the picture in the form of a cirlc can this be one? ... 13 Apr 2010 17:22
Powerpoint Problems
My powerpoint skips slides (from 38 to 43) then plays remaining slides. Why? ... 13 Apr 2010 15:06
Save as PNG makes everything fuzzy. Trying to create Certificate.
I'm trying to create a Certificate of Completion in powerpoint. I have it finished in ppt and it looks great, but when I save as PNG, all the text looks fuzzy. What can I do to keep this from happening? Thanks! ... 13 Apr 2010 16:13
keep getting prompted to "set up show" in powerpoint
If I hit F5, the slide show starts but I can only advance thru the slides but clicking the opaque forward/backward arrows (in the lower left corner of the presentation) with the mouse. If I hit SHFT-F5 or click on the small shortcut icon to start the show, then I keep getting prompted to "set up show" (instead... 13 Apr 2010 15:06
How do I identify external content--specifically pictures?
When I open a certain PowerPoint 2007 presentation, I receive a security warning in the message bar that states, "References to external pictures have been blocked" and an Options button allows me to either enable or disable this content. I want to idenfity the "external pictures" in this presentation. How can... 13 Apr 2010 16:13
unwanted slide layout changes when using copy and paste with e
Thank you, Echo S! Worked like a charm! ... 13 Apr 2010 12:50
unwanted slide layout changes when using copy and paste with equat
Hello: I have Office 2003, and I frequently use Microsoft Equation 3.0 for mathematical equations that I need. Often, I need to copy-and-paste an exisiting equation multiple times. However, when I try to paste a copy of an equation, the slide layout changes. For instance, if I start with a "title, text,... 13 Apr 2010 11:43
Linking excel data to PPT slides
I have a ppt presentation that contains objects linked to data in excel. The excel files are all on a shared network drive and I think all of them were converted to excel 2007 files from excel 2003. When I open the ppt sometimes, I will update the links and it tells me the linked object is unavailable and can... 13 Apr 2010 16:13
Powerpoint: enable custom animations inside a table
suggestion for Microsoft: add a way to animate the content of tables created with PPT 2007 by cell, by row, by column. ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I Agree" button in the m... 13 Apr 2010 08:22
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