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the remote will not advance slides
A new situation; out of the clear blue, the remote no longer advances slides. I am sure the remote works as it can shut off the computer and zoom, so it must be in my computer and likely something to do with how the slide show is set up, but I can't figure it out. Help?! ... 15 Apr 2010 11:24
Windows7 autoplay from U3 flash drive
From other posts I have been able to almost autoplay a ppt presentation on a flash drive by inserting the proper commands in the autorun.inf. What comes up is the autoplay menu with the stick icon on top of the list; simply pressing "enter" starts the show. Good, but not as good as an auto-playing CD. I unde... 15 Apr 2010 14:46
Coying cells with comments from Excel to powerpoint
I am copying ranges of cells from Excel into PowerPoint. I have comment tabs in the corners of some of the cells. I want the viewers to be able to roll over the cells that are pertenant to them if they want to see more in-depth information. To have the entire comment on the slide would be too cluttered. ... 14 Apr 2010 16:42
Template vs. Design Theme
I just can't get my head around this yet. So in the past, my company has had a large set of corporate "templates" for PPT — really easy to use, really easy to distribute. We've begun a migration to 2007 and I'm reading that there's now a difference between templates and design themes, and so far, nothing I've... 15 Apr 2010 14:46
How do I create a hyperlink to a playlist in powerpoint 2007?
I want to make a program seamless and really want to create a hyperlink to a playlist I have created. Is that possible? I can link one song... but how to grab a playlist??? Thanks. ... 15 Apr 2010 18:07
SOLVED: Links not working when hiding overlapping textboxes
OKAY! I finally came to a resolution. Ute's idea of positioning the motion paths as before, but positioning the text boxes themselves so they reside on the slide such that they don't overlap (in edit mode) WORKED. They all move following the same path, and end up at the same place on the slide, but in edit m... 13 Apr 2010 21:50
ppt autorun from usb memory stick
I have an autostarting ppt presentation with pptviewer on CD. I copied all the files including the autorun.inf which has in it: [autorun] open=PPTVIEW.EXE /L "playlist.txt" And, although the CD autoplays just fine on my WinXP machines, the memory stick will not autoplay on WinXP but does autoplay on Vista. ... 14 Apr 2010 16:42
How do I change the spacing between the slides on the handouts
"WalkbyFaith" wrote: I professors put on soo much text that its hard to read...I'd like to save paper and have some room for notes but i can't read all the info. when I do 4 slides or more and 2 slide still is small. White space needs to be mulipuatable! "JR" wrote: I agr... 15 Apr 2010 14:46
Distributing themes/templates
Apologies if this has been answered, but I can't find this information anywhere. I need to create updated versions of our corporate templates as the company is upgrading to 2007. I understand that I probably shouldn't be creating just a template, but rather I should be creating a design theme. My question is ... 13 Apr 2010 18:30
Powerpoint Show won't open on web page
Using Powerpoint 2007, save the file as a Powerpoint show - the file extension is .ppsx. When I post this to my webpage (using FrontPage), the file will not open. However, when I save the file as a Powerpoint 97-2003 Show - file extension .pps, and post it to the website in the exact same manner, the show ope... 15 Apr 2010 12:32
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