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Is it possible to set a slide transition that mimics turning page
I've been asked for help in setting up a PPT presentation to have slide transitions that mimic turning pages. I have seen this done using Keynote on a Mac but the software being used for this presentation is PowerPoint. Any ideas on if this is available or where I may find a download to add to my library? ... 11 Apr 2010 06:54
The Metro Design Background has a white strip on the side?
I like the Metro background design for my slides. It is black with a shad to grey at the bottom. However, mine has a funny white strip along the left side. It looks like something is defective. Is it? Can I get rid of it? ... 14 Apr 2010 12:12
Want to open access 2007
I'm looking for Microsoft Office Access 2007 on my computer. Could please explain me where me where I can get it? NB- I have Microsoft Office Home Student Installed in my computer. thank you for your help. Jean ... 9 Apr 2010 21:13
Accident free days
I need some assistance in dynamically calculating accident free days on a powerpoint presentation that continually loops 24/7. I inserted a spread sheet into my starting page that calculates the days "=now() - Last_Accident_Date" where Last_Accident_Date is a constant less than or equal to todays date. Th... 9 Apr 2010 19:00
can I place 8 or more pictures on one page in a photo album
I am trying to create a photo album and I would like to place 8-10 small pictures on each page. Is that possible? ... 9 Apr 2010 17:53
trip_to_tokyo replied to J11davidson on Friday, April 09, 2010 11:48 AM
Yes they are on a shared server. we both have access and Read Write. We never had this problem with the previous version of Windows trip_to_tokyo wrote: Where are the files? 09-Apr-10 Where are the files? Are the EXCEL and PowerPoint files both on your c:\ (local) drive or are they on a net... 10 Apr 2010 15:43
Colors and Font Size Issues
When I copy text boxes on to a slide with a different template the text comes in at a much larger font size. These are free text boxes using various font sizes. When I click the paste options to use source formating it does not keep the original font size. Appreciate your help / explanation! PPT 2003, WIN X... 9 Apr 2010 14:32
PowerPoint 2007 - "Package for CD" option missing from menu
"Package for CD" option missing from menu. I have found the QuickLauch shortcut for the process, but it is disabled on the quicklauch toolbar. I have done a repair of the installation and still do not have the option available. Suggestions, PLEASE!!!! ... 9 Apr 2010 15:39
update links in Powerpoint 2007
I am creating charts in Excel and then via the Paste Special finction I paste them into Powerpoint as a linked object. This is so I may update the Excel sheets and refresh them in the powerpoint slides as and when required. This is working fine for me but when a colleague opens both the Excel and the Powerp... 9 Apr 2010 12:18
Live Charts in PPT 2007
Is it possible to do the following: 1. Create an Excel Spreadsheet in PPT 2. Create a chart from the data in that spreadsheet 3. Link the embedded spreadsheet to the chart so that data changed in the PPT reflects in the chart. 4. In presentation mode, keep the spreadsheet live to that I can change data and ha... 9 Apr 2010 11:10
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