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Powerpoint 2007 - Error when attempting to access Powerpoint o
NOTE default LOCAL printer? -- john ATSIGN Free PPT Hints, Tips and Tutorials "taibooz" wrote: Hi John, Thanks for your comments. Yes i have a default printer as this happens firmwide for ove... 30 Mar 2010 08:20
Animations Panel is grey
Hi, I am currently using Powerpoint 2007 doing a presentation. But I cannot go for the Animations, it is grey off... Not sure what happens, can anyone help me? Thanks. ... 1 Apr 2010 02:32
Why do movies show in powerpoint show on one computer and not anot
Description of problem: I copied my powerpoints (12) and movie clips (4) to a memory stick. I followed all the instructions as suggested on inserting a movie clip into a powerpoint. I converted the powerpoints to powerpoint shows and tested each show and opened each movie. Some powerpoints had 2 of the movi... 2 Apr 2010 06:02
Deleting slides associated with custom layouts
Hey everyone, I created a template in PowerPoint 2007 for my research group and included three new, custom layouts for the kinds of displays my teammates were assembling slapdash. I provided a demo presentation to them that showed how every layout (now 14) could be used for our purposes. I was disappointed t... 29 Mar 2010 21:26
problem with .emf files in PP
I insert a emf logo created in Illustrator in PP programmatically , it prints just fine but it looks jagged and ugly on the screen. Because I have background I can't use other formats , I tried wmf and results are the same and png format has just opposite results ( they look good on the screen , but print po... 31 Mar 2010 14:22
PowerPoint 2003/2007 Co-existence: Default version to start
Hi, I have both PowerPoint 2003 (French) and 2007 (English with language pack) installed on my station under Windows XP Professional (French). I am preparing files for a client in both versions (English and French in both 2003 and 2007), depending on who is using it and the software version they are using. Mo... 29 Mar 2010 17:00
VBA Takes Longer Each Time Through
I have a fairly simple VBA PowerPoint tool that reads in some data from an Excel worksheet and "charts" it by creating a new PowerPoint slide and then adding drawing objects, text boxes, etc to the slide, creating a simple schedule chart. I usually have an Excel file with two or three worksheets that I want to... 23 Apr 2010 12:52
Doesn't anyone care?
I tried inquiring the group that this concerns and no one replied. I have found a better way to use the macro Mail Merge, in ways that will lead us to an interesting future, but no one there cares one bit to the fact I have created over 22 billion recipies in the form of form reciepe form letters, ready to be m... 31 Mar 2010 16:37
PowerPoint 2003 - Printing Stacked Objects on a Slide
Does anyone know how to separately print stacked objects that are on one slide in Powerpoint 2003? I have a presentation where the author stacked six different objects on one slide and now wants to print out each object separately. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ... 30 Mar 2010 12:47
PPT 2008 (windows) and PPT 2009 (Mac) compatibility re: path a
really - I just read an article in MacWorld that it works "Ute Simon (MVP)" wrote: I'm customizing a preso in PPT 2007 (windows) using a jpeg image that moves along a custom path. Nothing extravagant just a move upw... 29 Mar 2010 12:31
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