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Open an odp file in ppt
I have MS Office Home & STudent 07 version & have the PS2 package loaded. I still cannot open an odp file into my ppt program. It says I do not have a file converter but I don't find one anywhere in my searches. ... 29 Mar 2010 14:46
installing glox (smartart) files
I have downloaded a few of these from the Microsoft site, some appear fine on the smartart list, others do not. What is the proper way of installing a glox file? Are there other good sources of additional smartart diagrams on the web? thanks! ... 31 Mar 2010 14:22
PPT2007 language settings
I develop presentations using an Italian version of ppt 2007. These presentations are to be used by people with US/UK versions of Office and Windows. What do I need to do so that the presentations will not have any language issues when transfered to the users, and to them it will appear as if someone with an Engl... 29 Mar 2010 13:39
Hi, my hyperlinks are deactivating once moved my presentation to another computer how to resolve? (i do it at home then take to church) Shalom Chris fernando ... 28 Mar 2010 03:37
Backwards compatibility with PowerPoint 2003
I have some screenshots embedded as BMPs in the PPT 2007. However when I covert this into PPT 2003 the screenshots do not appear when the document is opened in Powerpoint 2003. I faced the same problem when I copied some screens as background from an existing Captivate file. Can you help? "tohlz" wrote:... 28 Mar 2010 02:33
How do I set a created theme as a default theme?
In ppt, I can create a theme and I can set a default theme, but having trouble creating a theme and then setting it as the default theme. Anybody have an idea. I basically just want my default theme (the opening blank presentation slide) to have arial instead of calibri font. Thanks ... 26 Mar 2010 15:37
PPS file changes to a PPT file when downloading for website
I have a PPS file I want people to download from my website, however when you download it from the website it changes from a PPS to a PPT file. Why is this happening and is there anyway to prevent it? Thanks ... 27 Mar 2010 02:17
Linking to Excel
In Powerpoint 2003, I'm pasting special, paste link an excel file(s) into a slide presentation. I had no problems last month - but now when i open the file i get (File is already open, reopening will cause any changes you made to be discarded). And the file is not open in excel. My files are on a network drive ... 26 Mar 2010 16:46
Animated Gif's in Power Point 2007
In article <2010325232042warren(a)>, Warren Hancock wrote: I have tried 20 different animated gif's and used them as fill in Power Point 2007. When the slide show is started the images are static. All the images work fine in 2003. Any thought here? Sorry for the delay in getting back, I have been aw... 26 Mar 2010 12:01
bullets always staying on the default
Hi, I created a custom powerpoint template (.potx) in office 2007. In the master slide and on the master slide i changed the identation of the levels and the bullets used. In the masterslide it's looks fine and also on the content slides underneath. However any presentation based on that template just does... 26 Mar 2010 02:31
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