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Support for a Quicken feature request
Quicken has the ability to synchronize bill and income reminders to Microsoft Outlook. This lets you view Quicken reminders right alongside any other events you have scheduled on your personal calendar. I think this is a useful feature, but it is limited only to Microsoft Outlook users. I have submitted a feat... 26 Apr 2010 00:26
nemo posts
Why do only half of my last 7 posts get answered? Am I posting them incorrectly, or just asking questions no one knows how to answer? I really appreciate the service, but it gives me no help if it goes unanswered. Thanks Nemo __________ Information from ESET NOD32 Antivirus, version of virus signatur... 21 Apr 2010 00:05
IRA shows as uncategorized income
I just rejiggered my IRA, and fixed everything up in Quicken. On the main Quicken page, under Accounts, everything looks exactly right. But on my Income vs. Expense graph, the Income bar went through the roof. Looking at the report, all of the money in my IRA shows up as Uncategorized income for this month. I ca... 20 Apr 2010 18:26
Bulk delete transactions?
I think I got my one-step update working. But my IRA account downloaded hundreds of transactions going back a couple of years, which has them sort of "starting in the middle"... just transactions appearing with no opening cash balance, etc. And they're all for funds I've gotten rid of. I really want this accou... 20 Apr 2010 18:26
Trying to generate an I&E from Quicken Deluxe 2009
I am looking to convert the income from some of my non-retirement investments from "reinvested" to "cash", producing more cash to live on. I'm very confused about what I need to do to get an I&E for 2009. It seemed to me that the Itemized categories report, or the Income & Expenses by Category report would p... 23 Apr 2010 20:33
Convert MONEY 2006 to Quicken 2005
I want to convert my MONEY 2006 data to Quicken 2005. I have downloaded the Data Converter and have generated the MONEY reports per the instructions. However when I try and run the Data Converter I get the message The Quicken data file template cannot be copied to its temporary location. Please make sure TEMPLATE... 20 Apr 2010 15:37
Federal Tax Payments � What Tax Line?
"R. C. White" <rc(a)> wrote in news:lLydnSUIl_vz-VHWnZ2dnUVZ_q2dnZ2d(a)posted.grandecom: Hi, Jay. using Q2008HB and TT2009. What�s the proper tax line to use? The proper line to use FOR WHAT? Were any taxes withheld on those 1099 forms? If so, how did you enter the 1099 informa... 20 Apr 2010 15:37
Quicken database and Crystal Reports
Does anyone have any experience trying to format a Quicken database using Crystal Reports 2008? I have read that it is possible when the data is from QuickBooks but need to know about Quicken. Thank you. ... 23 Apr 2010 17:20
Install of Quicken Deluxe 2010 was a complete screw-up
Hi all: Well, I bit the bullet today and did the "upgrade" to QD2010. First thing I noticed was that QD2010 installed the Windows Sidebar on my desktop, a "feature" I've never felt the need to take advantage of and don't want. Second thing I noticed was that QD2010 didn't recognize the "transaction" passwor... 23 Apr 2010 20:33
Quicken Portfolio
Can't download prices this morning into Quicken 2010 portfolio. Microsoft portfolio manager also not working this morning. Is there a tie in between the two? ... 20 Apr 2010 15:36
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