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Cash Flow
I'm switching from Money to Quicken Home and Business for obvious reasons. The conversion seems to have went quite well. Is there some way in Q to forcast cash flow out into the future like I did in Money with their cash flow graph. Thanks.... ... 18 Mar 2010 20:04
Turbo Tax Bugs - Quicken Import of Estimated Tax Payments
If you import data into Turbo Tax from Quicken, and pay estimated taxes, you should check, and will probably need to fix, the imported data on the Tax Payments Worksheet. When importing estimated tax payments, Turbo Tax can cost you money in two ways. GOTCHA #1: ESTIMATED TAX PAYMENTS IN JANUARY. Turbo Tax 20... 17 Mar 2010 18:38
one step
My 2009 deluxe one step update works great and updates multiple accounts at 3 locations. What I do not understand is why after opening the vault it shows the accounts checked and ready for d/l but also has a section telling me all those accounts are available for one step with a highlighted area to click to do... 18 Mar 2010 22:19
Quicken Credit Card Popup?
Hi, Need help with this. Everytime I open Quicken v10, I get this popup about a credit card offer - I continue to say "NO", and it still comes up every time. How do I get rid of this thing??? Any help appreciated. Charlie ... 17 Mar 2010 15:55
Turbo Tax Premier vs. Deluxe
Just started up Turbo Tax Deluxe 2009. Its first bit of "tax advice" was to upgrade to Premier for more help with my investments. Here's an edited version of More Details: "TurboTax Premier gives you extra guidance on all your investments, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, employee stock options, rental p... 17 Mar 2010 10:10
Why all the verifications to use the password vault?
OK, this makes no sense to me. 1. I have to put in the password to use the vault to update my accounts. I can understand that this prevents unauthorized people from setting up a transaction and then transmitting it. 2. Why do I have to tell Quicken to go ahead with the update by clicking another icon? I do th... 18 Mar 2010 08:08
Mysterious update
Q2009 Deluxe Release R7. Every time I start it up it asks me if I want to update the program. This isn't like the financial inst update [that seems to happen automatically with one-step-update] but looks like it wants to do a *real* update. I went to the quicken site and Intuit thinks that R7 is the most recent.... 19 Mar 2010 22:20
Quicken Deluxe 2009 "One Step Update"
Using Quicken Deluxe 2009 When I initiate "One Step Update" in order to download my brokerage data I first get "Quicken needs to enter your user name and password. Would you like to do that now? Yes No. I select no and the program accesses and downloads my data just fine. This minor annoyanc... 15 Mar 2010 00:15
Nagging Change Password Reminder
I use Quicken 2009 Premier. Recently when I start up the program, it reminds me to change the password. It keeps doing this each time I log on. Is there a way to disable this nagging message? ... 24 Mar 2010 09:57
yup - it's here and works <Jeff(a)fake.fake> wrote in message news:nmbmn.72549$0N3.503(a)newsfe09.iad... ... 11 Mar 2010 20:12
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