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Attribution of purchases and dividends to wrong account
Using Quicken deluxe '09 on Vista. Quicken insists on crediting purchases and dividends to an account that has been cleaned out, the assets transferred to another account. Specifically Account "A" has been zeroed out, the stock has been transferred to Account "B". Stock purchased for Account "C" will be credi... 29 Mar 2010 14:42
Investment with linked cash account
Just learnng 2010 Home and Business after many years of MS Money. I've done the data import from Money into Quicken and it seems to be quite accurate. One thing I've run into is when I enter a transaction in the investment transaction register, sometimes the payee is shown in the cash register and sometimes... 29 Mar 2010 16:56
Get rid of Quicken (401K)
As regular viewers know I have been running Quicken 2007 and Moneydance in parallel since 1/1/10 in preparation for the end of April when Quicken will pull the plug. Recently I reported a Quicken problem with a 401k download from Prudential ... I had not logged into the Prudential site in some time but I was f... 24 Mar 2010 08:50
Reinvestment Transactions
Using Q 2008 Premier R9 on 64 bit Win 7 In the past Q would accept Reinvestment Transactions (Div, LTCG, etc.) and enter multiple transactions as required to show the income and purchase separately. Example: Reinvest Dividend $10 for 2.50 shares would result in two transactions: Income: _Div or _DivX... 23 Mar 2010 22:52
Reprint checks in Home and Business 2010
I printed a check that has errors. Is there anyway to reprint without deleting and re-entering the information? Thanks.... ... 22 Mar 2010 20:37
Q2008 freezes computer
I'm using Quicken 2008 Deluxe R 9. I routinely do a one-step update of my accounts. Quicken finishes the update. I look at the first updated account and try to view the second. Quicken freezes the whole computer. IOW, even if I manage to close Quicken, Windows is unusable and I have to reboot. This happens ev... 6 Apr 2010 00:59
Account Number Change
One of my credit card account numbers was changed because someone had gotten hold of the number. Now my Quicken 2008 one-step online update can't find the account. So I tried to change the account number within Quicken. I right click on the account pick Edit Account, but the account number is grayed out and I c... 22 Mar 2010 13:02
Memorized split transactions still not applying to D/L transactions
Hi. I post this periodically because I use a lot of memorized split transactions. With 2009 and earlier, I could memorize a split transaction with percentages (always 50/50 in my case) and it would apply to the transaction. Now, I have to click on the VENDOR line and select the split transaction. It is always th... 21 Mar 2010 09:21
Editing recent file list
Is there a way to remove a file from the recently used files list on the File menu? I have a deleted database and I'd like it not to continue appearing in the list. I have been unable to find where these are stored. Ideas anyone? Thanks, Tim ... 22 Mar 2010 13:02
Quicken Reports question
I am new to Quicken as I have just recently moved from Money. I am trying to generate a report with the balance at the end of last month. The issue I have is that many accounts (CD's primarily) have a balance of zero. I would like to generate a report of all accounts that at the end of last month had a non-zero... 22 Mar 2010 21:46
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