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Can you do a partial archive while retaining records since archive date as active
I have 16 years of data and a 65 meg datafile. Was wondering if I set my system clock to 2005 whether I could then archive everything before 12/31/04 and keep everything since in my active registers? This, if possible, would certainly speed up the opening of the file. Gary -----------------------------------... 30 Mar 2010 20:39
importing from MSmoney to quicken has been a nightmare
I'm looking at 167 pages of conversion result errors! A report prepared during the import of my files. I cannot find invoice templates that can be downloaded like i had in MSMoney. and as i have gone through the the transactions... it has voided out my "estimates" turning them into **VOID** invoices... that's j... 29 Mar 2010 22:30
Bank of America AmEx (legacy MBNA) duplicate x'action downloads on statement close
QB 2008 H&B. I'm seeing something puzzling with my BofA AmEx credit card transactions. Typically, I enter transactions into my register, then reconcile them against what One Step Update picks up. It works like a champ with every other account I've got. However, when my BofA AmEx statement closes, the tran... 9 Apr 2010 11:06
Certificates of Deposit (CD's)
Since I upgraded to Quicken 2010 (at least I do not think I had this problem in Quicken 2007) my Certificates of Deposit show up as having no value in reports and in Security Detail they show up as a Buy but then an equal negative amount is entered somehow. Moreover, the interest whether it be monthly or semi-ann... 29 Mar 2010 14:42
How best to rename a Quicken file
My Quicken data files have a name that includes the year. I want to rename it to include 2010. However I notice there are several Quicken data files: *.qdf, *.qel, *.qph, *.qtx, etc. What is the best way to rename my data file without messing things up? What effect will that have on backup files? Thanks, J... 29 Mar 2010 12:26
Question on Quicken sounds for Windows gurus
Some time ago a fellow named Harry Wagensveld posted a nice solution to the missing Quicken sounds problem; which follows. 1. Logon to the user that installed Quicken. (in my caseadministrator) 2. Open Regedit 3. Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\Quicken key. 4. Do a file export to an appropriate d... 30 Mar 2010 11:36
Can't update to 2010 R8
I can download the update to R8 on my Vista machine but it won't install. I'm updating from R4 to R8. It automatically downloaded a tmp file called qwp9ed2.tmp but would not install it. I get the error "Quicken is not able to install updates" and tells me to restart and try again. Doesn't help. It tells me ... 28 Mar 2010 11:13
Q2010 - Year-End Copy?
I'm using Quicken 2010 and am having a problem creating my year-end copy. Basically, I want to create a file containing the 2008 transactions only and leaving the transactions from 1/1/2009 forward in my current/active file. I went to year-end copy and created the 2008 transactions file (left "current data file... 27 Mar 2010 15:22
Q2010 - Amounts Showing in Left Window?
For some reason (probably something I did), the amounts in each account are now showing up in the left side of Q2010. Previously only the Account Name showed up. How do I change Q to sonly display the name and not the balances in that column. Thanks Charliec ... 26 Mar 2010 21:38
Ally Bank - Web Connect vs Web Express
I have 3 accounts at Ally Bank - 2 CD's and a MMA - Using Quicken 2009 and lots of over accounts work just fine. It appears that there is something different with Ally depending upon how the Quicken account is created. Scenario #1 - Using the normal Add Account - Quicken goes thru the normal steps and create... 24 Mar 2010 21:38
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